He concentrated on the image of a boat tied to a pole on calm black water.  He wasn’t aware of the tension easing out of his skin.

In a separate room overlooking the village simulation, Orlov, the General, Zephyr, and a board of scientists and personnel congregated around a series of terminals and the massive window.  One of the screens showed a green and black night-cam image of Fane sitting in the tiny black box of an extension to the armory.

Orlov watched intently, observing his every mannerism. A chill ran down his spine when Fane smiled.  The redhead looked like a malicious dog. He was dangerous. Was this the man he hoped to have train his men?

He watched the man calm down off of his nervous energy high.  A strange poise took over the soldier’s body. Orlov’s skin crawled. The redhead looked up, dead center to the camera, though everyone knew that the camera was so small that no one would have found it easily with the lights off in that blacked out hall.  He watched the man mouth the word bang and not more than a split second later the buzzer range.  The door opened and Fane slipped out.

Zephyr joined Orlov at the window as they tried to watch Fane’s progression through the village simulation.  As soon as he slipped the threshold, they found themselves in a spine chilling situation. They could not find him.  The cameras weren’t keeping up with him. An alarm on a board on the wall pinged. A shot had been fired. Perfect hit. It showed it was supposed to have come from an area farther to the back of the massive complex.  How had he covered that distance? Everyone started looking for a sniper vantage.

A pair of targets pinged.  Dead center. Again, they looked, but the man had disappeared.  This back and forth of search and tease continued for about ten minutes before a louder buzzer announced Fane had beaten the primary targets.  Propane tanks and special effects explosives erupted in the space. Smoke billowed up, blocking off cameras right and left. Sprinklers activated as alarms blared.

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Chimney Stack Magnet

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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