The windows were dried around large thick metal grates. Howling and crying crawled across the sky, emanating from this portal of doom.  The door spread wide, waiting for its victims.

The shrew-like man and several others carefully unlinked each struggling person in the line one at a time and ushered them into the building with no dignity to be spared.  Eoin’s turn came as his boys were lead away. He fought, his shroud falling, his hair spinning out in the rising moonlight. He pulled back, the chain at his collar and manacles falling away from it.  That left his hands, though manacled, with more movement then he had hoped. He rushed past grasping hands and into the maw of the building, looking for his sons. A large man, hidden in the shadows of the hall, was dragging them by their hair, their cries piercing Eoin’s core.  Fearchar and Seonaid could feel the harsh rasp of his breath pushing air in and out of exhausted lungs. A twisting angry chill burst through their chests. Tentacles crawled across their skin as Eoin launched himself at the man, a hand splayed wide, reaching for the eyes.

With unexpected clarity, like the snap of a crab shell, the cold anger spun out of them, and an uncontrollable chill spilled from their bodies as their hearts slowed and their eyesight sharpened.  The hand clasped over the man’s mouth and he fell to the ground. Eoin followed him down, pushing all of his will and anger into the brute.

His boys scrambled back from the bulk of the man and their father, crying in each other’s arms.  The man bucked and shook with tremors as his eyes rolled up into his head and glazed over. Eoin drew in shaky breaths, trying to think, to move beyond the outburst of fear and anger he had drove inside the man hard enough to rupture his heart.

He skittered back, tripping on the man’s legs, sprawling with his back against the cramped corridor’s wall.  His boys ran to him, begging to be held. He wrapped his arms around them, trying to comfort them as best he could.

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Brilliant Autumn Square Sticker
Brilliant Autumn Square Sticker
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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