Soon she was surrounded by the friends that she had grown up with all her life.  Relief washed through her. She looked down at her freezing body and realized that she, along with everyone else were bare to the elements.  Her face reddened in horror before she ducked to pick up her clothes on the ground. Thankfully the clothes had managed to escape being damaged.  The rest hurriedly pulled on their clothes.

  “We’d better get that antidote and fast,” Yeller said quickly, nervously.  His eyes searched and prodded the woods around them. His sensitive ears were picking up on leaves scattering and crunching under heavy boots.  A low growl, like Zola’s, escaped him.

“What do we do? Walk all the way to New York?” Deck sneered.  Benj just might be able to read a map, but that was a long shot for getting across the country.  Bombs had wiped out most of the roads, or else sent deep fissures into the asphalt and cement, making them impossible to drive.

“Well what do we do?” Yeller retorted.  He sent a glare quickly in Deck’s direction as he snapped back to the forest in front of him, trying to clue Deck in that someone else was there.  Deck followed his gaze.

“For one thing you can get off my land!” a tall, gaunt man with steel gray hair hissed, pointing a shotgun in their direction.  Everyone froze. “I’ve watched you guys here for the last month.  Didn’t you know this was my land? Now git off,” the man rasped, spitting in their direction. 

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Butterfly on a Bench Magnet
Butterfly on a Bench Magnet
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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