They sprinted off , skittering around trees and headed deeper into the woods, heading west.


“That settles it.  We’re heading to New York,” Zola wheezed as they stopped for a quick breath. She leaned up against a tree trunk.  Snow was gathered. Her friends collapsed around her.

Yeller slid to the wet ground, indifferent to the damp cold.  He fought the beast wanting to rise under his skin. His vision continued to shift as the creature battled his will.  He had an underlying feeling that it was not just the one wolf, but he couldn’t place the feeling. He knew though that Nat was in the same boat as him, if not worse off.

Benj leaned his hip against a tree as he looked at the rest of the group.  He watched them in earnest, waiting to see what anyone else had to say. He thought to himself for a second and then pointed his question at Nat.  “Hey, a wolf can run faster than a human, right, Nat?” Benj asked. He knew the answer to the question, but he wanted to voice the question out loud anyway.  He pushed his glasses up his nose and bunched his fingers in front of his mouth, blowing hot air onto the frozen tips.

“Yeah, for a little while at least, as far as I can remember from vertebrate zoology.  French major, not MicroBio, unlike someone I know,” Nat retorted. He was sitting on a fallen log.

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Christmas Country Rooster Sweatshirt
Christmas Country Rooster Sweatshirt
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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