The Captain

What happened on that ship…we had agreed to protect her, to see to her safety…what happened on that ship was reprehensible, and I think each one of us secretly swore death and destruction on the man.

The Journal of Patch

Place: Gyonar Channel

Planet: Vico, Colga Galaxy

The group was carefully transferred over to the gunship Togoya had spoken of.  Solomon was taken to the ship infirmary where he was immediately treated for the Habiscus fish poisoning.  The group was later informed that he would be up and around within a day or two.

 The rest of the group crashed in the lounge and waited for their appointment with the captain.  It was almost unheard of for the Emperor’s personal military to help out civilians. The craft was in top shape with the best hands to man it.  The engines were a faint purr that could cut through any wave with ease. It was beautiful, sparkling white, and gaudy. It was a shameless display of wealth and power that set everyone on edge.

What they were going to do from there was beyond Wain.  Just sitting in the lavish lounge outside of the immense mess decks that were scrubbed clean and multicolored light streaming in from stain glass windows gleamed off metal chairs and tables.  His fingers drummed a tempoed beat on the table as he looked around pessimistically. He had the sneaking suspicion of being watched. It was raising the hair on the back of his neck.

“G’morning fellas!” A chipper voice startled Wain from his chair.  he turned to find the owner of the voice, a ruddy faced, blond haired man in his late thirties.  An officer’s cap was tucked under the crook of his arm and a clean grey uniform sparkled with golden pendants and ribbon.  “G-good morning sir,” greeted Wain with an adrenaline pumping hand shake.

The man grabbed a chair at the end of their table, flipped it around, and straddled it, crossing his arms over the back rail.  He flashed a brilliant smile at them and chuckled. “So, I hears that you guys want to grab space on my little boat,” the man beamed.  He was quite odd, a rather enthusiastic individual to be running a floating arsenal. “Togoya says you’re out treasure hunting and got shanghaied by a couple ‘o pirates.  Now, I tells ya, Marj can be a vicious little vixen sometimes, but no harms done by her hands. No need to worry about her following you or nothin’ like that,” he prattled on.  The group stared at him wide-eyed and were still trying to comprehend this strange…thing that had seated itself at their table. He sure was not anything like they were expecting when they pictured a captain.


They were assigned an empty birthing and were asked to remain in it at all times.  Their food was brought to them by a food services assistant. The next stop was a fueling station.  They hoped to get off there. Wain had found that the next coin’s clue might be a spot outside of the fueling station city.  The officer granted them leave for two days; however, the ship, if it was to keep schedule was pulling out after two days, with or without them.  Wain agreed to the conditions and informed the group.

Solomon was placed as sick-in-quarters in the birthing.  He had been given a series of nasty looking shots and a set of horse pills to cure the poisoning.  It helped…sort of. His stomach was still squeamish and he had a raging migraine. Patch had watched the medical procedures with great interest and asked about the ingredients and chemical compounds that the corpsman used.  The corpsman found Patch agitating and finally left Solomon in the birthing rather than keeping the Canto in the infirmary so he did not have to deal with the annoying human.

The Ipty brothers were becoming claustrophobic and wing-chaffed from having spent too long in close quarters.  There was little space to stretch out their wings, unless everyone was up in their racks, and that was not very often.  Fado took his time sharpening a slew of blades for Isis to bide the time. Otly and the twins slept as often as possible.  Patch, Togoya, and Symone took shifts watching over Solomon.


Isis, during a shift when Patch was looking after Solomon, and Togoya was catching a catnap on an empty bunk,  was teaching Otly how to play an ancient earth game called solitaire when a knock came at the hatch and an enlisted man called down to them.  “The captain would like to speak with Togoya and the woman.” Symone looked up, surprised and checked back with Togoya. He shrugged his shoulders, not really sure what was going on.  Otly peaked his head over his bunk to look to Symone. Need me to go with you, Isis?” Otly asked as he rolled to clamber out of the rack. “No, I think Togoya and I’ll be fine, but thanks anyways Otly,” she smiled to him as she handed him a deck of cards.  He wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but for the flash of apprehension that ran through Isis’s eyes before she could hide it from the Elivik. Neither Symone nor Togoya had made mention of just who the captain was to them. Togoya had felt safe enough to call in the gunship.  The cousins went up the steep ladder and disappeared out the hatch.

 Otly tried to shrug off his feeling of suspicion as he tried to remember how to lay out the deck of cards.  The farther he proceeded with the game, the more apprehensive he became though. Finally, he collected the cards and returned them to their container.  He grabbed a small bag from his bunk that he always kept on his hip and proceeded up the steps. The hatch had been left open, so the men in the birthing didn’t even notice when the Elivik made his escape.  Carefully he made his way down the corridor and up several scuttles before finding officers land. It had taken him the better part of half an hour to find the level. Which one for the commanding officer? Otly asked himself as he looked at four hatches.  He put his ear to the first and listened. It was completely silent on the other side. He moved to the next door.  It too was silent. Maybe the doors are sound proof? He asked himself, moving to the next door.

            A rhythmic, muffled moan met his ears.  His stomach dropped. As a married Elivik, he knew what that sound was.  Then a gruff voice, almost out of breath, broke the groan, “You know, Symone, I always found it amusing to screw over royalty, you being the most fun of them all.” A muffled angry grunt responded to the sentence.  Otly could feel his hands and feet go cold. The captain had Symone. Otly eased the dogs around the door, thankful that the joints were well oiled. he moved the door a scant inch and peered inside. Blood rushed to his face at the site that met him.  Just a scant inch revealed the end of a large bed where the captain stood, pants around his ankles, buried to his hilt between a pair of bound female legs. Otly was at a loss for what to do. He was not expecting this situation when he had come looking for the cousins.  Where is Togoya? He should have protected her.  He asked himself as he looked back over his shoulder down the hall.  Another angry grunt issued forth from the room, but it wasn’t Symone’s.  Otly felt the blood drain from his face.

            He turned back when he heard the captain start speaking again.  “So, Symone, how’s uncle doing?” The man leaned over the legs to grab something.  Otly heard a hacking sigh and saw the captain rise back up with a ball of cloth in one hand.  She had been gagged.

“You know how he’s doing Kail, you being one of his personal captains.  Or did you piss him off and that’s why you’re on this two piece planet?” a vehement yet syrupy female voice huffed back.  The captain humphed and put the gag back.

            “Oh, the last time we spoke, he was doing fine.  I have my own reasons for asking to do a run here on Vico,” the captain answered her.  He paused, pulling himself out for a few seconds. “You know,” he said as his fingers traced down the inside of her thigh, “it’s a real turn on to know that a dragon has claimed you?  That I can fuck you, the true empress, and there’s nothing you or your little fag cousin can do about it?” There was an angry grunt from a corner of the room. It was near the door. The captain pressed a button on a small box he held in his left hand.  There was a painful muffled yelp. Otly could feel himself becoming physically ill. “It’s not polite to interrupt Togoya, I thought the emperor would have made sure to engrain that in you,” the captain turned from the woman, his hand settling on her mound, his thumb playing with her clit.  She squirmed under him. “Then again boyo, you apparently don’t know who I really am in all this do you? Yeah, we went to academy together, but you haven’t seen me in years. I mean, come on, you call me up on radio and say you and some friends need a lift. Here I am, sitting, talking to this group you bring on board, only to discover you also brought along my favorite little play toy,” the captain’s thumb pushed into her opening, but she didn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing her.  He turned back to look at her angrily. “Oh, now my dear, don’t look at me like that. We’ve always had fun together. You know?” he said as he leaned over to lick her, “after you vanished, your uncle sent out a little memo to his favorites. He told us that if we were to run across you or your cousin that we needed to bring you guys in,” he nipped one of her folds. She grunted in return. “It seems to me though that he left a few blanks in that memo. Yes, yes, it did have the general clause in there of bringing you back alive, but reading over the list of names he sent it out to, well, I figured I could get away with some fun.  I think I’ll keep you up here until that shore leave of yours, and your cousin here as insurance that you come back,” he stood back up, pressing himself into her. There was another angry grunting sound and a clattering of metal on metal next to the door. The captain sighed, put off. He spun around, his finger hitting the trigger of the box again. There was another painful moan and the metal clinked, like it had gone slack. The captain’s manhood jerked and his hand came down to grasp it as his back hunched over and his jizzed across the metal floor. He spasmed, slightly startled. “Well know,” he looked down at himself, “not exactly what I had in mind, but then again, I guess when it comes to royal blood, torturing either one of you can be fun,” he stated to Symone before taking the gag out of her mouth and using it to wipe off his hand.

            “You bastard,” she bit out.

 “Oooh, names names honey-cat.  Like you have room to talk. All it took to take down the top Ravenspy was her cousin,” said the captain.  He pulled his trousers back up as he considered her mute expression. He brushed at his hair, a white stone ring glistening in a shaft of light.

“You know what I’m going to do to you, Kail, when I get out of this?” she threatened.  He went out of site. “Who said anything about letting you out? countered back the captain as he walked back over to her, in his hands was a glass toy.

            Otly had waited long enough and had allowed the conversations to run their course.  It was better to at least know what he was up against. Now that the captain no longer had the trigger box in his hand, Otly felt that he could probably enter and not risk both Togoya and Symone getting hurt.  He pulled from his pouch a handful of fine sand. He built heat in his hands until he could feel the grain shifting, melting. He pushed the door open. It swung to the wall with a loud clang, startling the captain.  Otly threw the liquid glass at the man, severely burning him. Otly had never used his glass as a weapon before, but it appeared to be relatively effective. The captain lay screaming on the floor, writhing in pain. The Elivik clipped him on the head, leaving the man unconscious.

 Otly took in the scene around him.  Symone’s hands had been tied together with her kusari fundo and her legs bound to the two posts at the end of the bed.  His throat went dry at the site as he felt his stomach lurch. He quickly went to draw a knife from his belt to find that he had left it with Fado to be sharpened.  He looked around the room to find Symone’s clothes that had been slashed to ribbons, her knuckle dusters nowhere to be found. He looked into the back of the room to find Togoya hanging limply from his chained up wrists.  He had been stripped, his clothing also slashed to ribbons. There were black and blue bruises forming across the man’s chest and stomach. Otly finally went to Symone and pulled the gag out of her mouth. “Otly! Thanks be to both the red and white sun,” she sighed.  She waited as he tried to unwind the kinked up kusari fundo.

“What are you doing here, Isis?” he hissed as the chain clinked free.  He went to untie one of the ropes that bound her feet as she took the other one.

“Enlisted man had us brought up, remember?” she growled back.

            “If you knew that bastard, why did you willingly come up here?” he jerked the rope free.  She followed suit with the rope she was working on shortly after and stood up, searching over her shredded clothing.  She finally took a deep breath and loosened up her shoulders. She pulled on her pair of pants and shirt, slashed as they were.  “I’d rather not talk about it, Otly. Now, can you help me get Togoya down?” she asked as she went to help her cousin.

She pulled the gag from his mouth while Otly burned through the chains.  The manacles would have to wait to come off, the Elivik was too nervous about causing the man damage if he were to accidentally get burned.  Otly pulled his shirt off and between him and Symone they were able to wrestle it on to the unconscious man. Togoya was swimming in it. Between the two of them they were able to drag him back through the halls to the birthing that they shared with the group.

            “Isis, what the…?” Wain cried as he helped them get Togoya into the birthing.  All eyes were on the two humans and the Elivik. “Red sun burn you don’t ask,” she growled at them.  Startled they looked to Otly. The Elivik was mute as he watched the woman stalk over to Fado and started packing herself out.  “From now on I sharpen my own knives,” she grumbled. Fado laid a hand on her fumbling fingers. “Symone?” he looked into her eyes.  “I need my galatron,” she told him. He handed it to her, watching her carefully. She popped the screen off the top and removed a small box.  She pressed an edge and it clicked. A crackling sound emanated from it. “Come get me,” she said to the silent room. “Coming” a robotic response snapped back quickly.

            Wain grabbed her wrist and spun her around to face him.  He came face to face with a strung out woman with tears in her eyes.  It startled him. He was prepared to face death itself, but this was something new.  “Get your bags, everyone, we’re getting out of here,” she told them as she turned from Wain to start pulling together her’s and her cousin’s bags.  “Isis, stop,” Wain had finally regained his composure. Otly put a hand on his shoulder. Wain looked up at the Elivik with a raised eyebrow. Otly shook his head, “ask later.”            They started collecting their supplies.  Finally, Symone was able to get Togoya to come out of his state.  He stared groggily at her for a few seconds before grabbing her hand.  He felt her face, puller her to him and hugged her, tears burning in his eyes.  “I’m so sorry, Sym,” he mumbled against her. “Shhh, Toto, come on, we’re hopping a ride,” she told him.  He looked up at her, eyes wide. “You pulled that favor?” he asked her. She nodded and pulled him out of his bunk.  He started hurriedly packing, and then looked down at himself. He shucked the shirt off of himself and pulled on his own clothes.  “Thanks,” he told the Elivik as he handed the shirt back. He found the group starring at him, all of them. “What under the Red Sun happened to you?” Honfu asked the man.

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Daruma Cat on Rainbow Background Favor Tags
Daruma Cat on Rainbow Background Favor Tags
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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