To Lose the Scales

My brother had been trained to be the emperor.  I had been trained to kill. I didn’t know where to begin.  Subole helped to detain those that had been my uncle’s supporters.  Solomon stood by my side. My mother was beside herself, she had just lost her only son, the spitting image of her late husband.  We had been freed from the rule of the evil that had sickened the galaxy. With the death of the white dragon, we were truly liberated.  With the lose of my scales, we rewrote history.

The journal of Symone.

Place: The Capital

Planet: Chima

Within hours of the death of the white dragon, Symone started noticing her scales falling out.  It was relatively painless, but had caught her off guard. It started when Symone had called to council Subole, the primary supportive leaders from each of the planets, and her group to her house.  It felt improper to deal with such matters in the imperial court with what had just happened. Subole had sent in crews from the Fiws to dispose of the emperor and Arly in the desert for the creatures to pick apart.  Shunter had been wrapped and transported to the imperial cemetery and funeral chambers where royalty had been buried for generations. There he was placed in a chill pod until arrangements could be made. Symone had gone to wash at her house, scrubbing vigorously to be rid of the vile, putrid crust of blood that had formed on her. The scales on her shoulders had begun to slough off.

She didn’t mention this to the leaders when she went and sat down in the great room to meet with them.  She listened as rumors swirled from messages on the galatrons that most of the leaders kept on them that were reading out news that the dragons across the planets had gone silent.  She waited for everyone to chat and attain some slight form of comradery as she watched and assessed each individual for characteristics that she could work with or exploit. She knew that there was much to fix with the imperial galactic system.  Finally when she had given the group time long enough, she rose to pace the room. They fell silent and watched her steadily. She was a killer, an assassin, a mercenary. She had done what they could never have done. The leaders sat pensively wondering exactly what she had in mind.

“You have been informed, I believe, as to why you are here,” she stuttered.  When there was no reply, she sucked in a breath, knowing that she had just entered a new role that she was going to have to fill.  “I have reclaimed the throne of the lost emperor. I am Symone Mand III, Ravenspy, Rebel scaled, and the lost empress and rightful heir to the throne.  I have killed the imposter emperor. His heir died with him. I have disposed of the white dragon, Arly, that was the mother of the dragons, the creator, the generator, whatever you want to call her.  With her death, I have destroyed the link of the creatures to the throne. I know this now, for as you can see,” she held up a handful of scales, “my scales are shedding, no longer needed to brand me.”  She stared at Solomon for a second, trying to find the words to say. “We have much work to do to right the destruction of our economy and our society. I would see that you help me to attain my goals. I would pursue the destruction of the slave system, promotion of necessary welfare systems, the rooting out and destruction of the underground crime syndicates, the care of the sick, the elderly, the orphaned and young, the mentally impaired.  I would see the fair taxation of the galactic planets. I would also see your acceptance, as my councilors and those that I will depend on to execute these actions, approve of my marriage, as empress, to a non-human,” she said the last part tentatively. Solomon’s heart jumped. A shrewd looking woman from Helena made a motion to draw her attention, “I don’t care if she’s the Queen of Sheba, if you’ve silenced the dragons and Helena can reclaim possession of the coins of change, do whatever you want.”  Symone flushed. “We will support you, if you’re honest about your goals. We would see our world cared for once more,” a portly man chimed in. “Let’s make ourselves respectable once more,” a young female-looking Elivik spoke up. Supportive comments flew about the room.

Symone knew that she was in for the long haul and that things were going to become more difficult before they would get better as the changing system would upend the galaxy.  This was what she had been born to do, but now, no longer tied to the dragon’s system. Now, the humanoids and humans alike would benefit. Now, the galaxy could prosper and thrive.  Industry could rise, technology could advance. Symone looked to Solomon and smiled. She could have the freedom to live, and love, and take charge of her life now. She felt, though this wasn’t where she had initially wanted to end up, because it was not what she had been trained to do, that she had finally found her place, and her acceptance of her life.

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Mountain Bear against Moon Throw Pillow
Mountain Bear against Moon Throw Pillow
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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