“Ye ga’ away, aye?” he finally settled himself at Eoin’s little fire. The fire snapped at his presence. Logs shifted, tumbling to scatter as ember and ash.

Eoin looked down at his arms as ghostly images of the bracers blew across his skin.  He half smiled and snorted. “No, I didn’t get away from Masud. I was done running. You see, as I said already, he collected in the odd and the unusual.  Made a grand profit on people due to that uncanny passion. He knew the best buyers, had his fingers in many pies. He sold off many of the Egret Nest at an outrageous price because of that. I pushed my will on him.  I needed to protect my sons, and hiding in the forests of Ethiopia had not done that. My circumstances were too many to leave me to find my way through wherever I had been brought.  A foreign city called Cairo.

So, I plied the man with a request or a threat, a plan of sorts.  I wanted for him to find the best buyer he could, someone who was known to care for his people well, that had the resources to keep me and mine safe.  I would play docile as long as he did what I wanted, or else he and anyone who would get close enough to touch me would be dead men. The deal: Amina, Tau, Callum, Albin and I had to all be sold in the same package. I wasn’t losing my family again. I wasn’t sure what had happened to the rest of my village. Many had disappeared into the villages on our way. I had hoped in returning to Egret Nest I would find some who had escaped.” Eoin shrugged dejectedly with a shake of his head.

He looked up at Fearchar, fire in his eyes. “If I could keep them safe, I’d sell myself to the highest bidder. I told him about my position in Egret Nest, as the doctor.  He still had our jewelry and clothing from the raid. He had hoped to sell it in the markets at Cairo, but I convinced him to keep them to up his selling price.  I revealed to him my apothecary knowledge from across the sea. He already knew what I was capable of by taking down the two other men in the hallway, one dead, one out of his mind completely.  I was not eager to join the military if that was at all possible,” Eoin sighed. He watched Seonaid sit down with a sour expression next to her husband.

“Ye’re right pile of shite, ye’re. Sold yerself and yer children into slavery,” she spat.

He watched her intently, tasting her rage.  He released her from the void, leaving Fearchar and himself in the space.  Fearchar looked around, startled that his wife would go missing so quickly. “Damn ye bassa! Where is she!” he demanded.  

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Cat on a Hay Bale Magnet
Cat on a Hay Bale Magnet
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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