His shaggy hair fell around his shoulders, hiding his face, though Benj could see his eyes.  The wolf was watching them.

“Why a dead language? I have to ask that every time. Well, we’ve found our mode of transportation,” Benj said, glancing at everyone else, trying to distract himself from looking in Nat’s direction.  His friend had been breathing hard, his eyes dilating and undilating. Benj had seen him tremble with control, could see him dying to let loose.

Nat vibrated with need. The raw feeling of sharing his body with another power, more deadly than him was…exhilarating, euphoric, addicting.  Adrenaline pumped through his blood. The hormones of a male wolf coursed through him. There was something else though to it.  He could feel it, there was more than just the one. The primitive side of his brain demanded him to submit to the animal, but the cultured side caused him to refrain.  It was a struggle. It was a fight to keep his body his solely. The wolf, the animal, the monster, the blood thirsty demon seethed and ripped through his body in retaliation.  “So France was razed off the map with the Grey Monster. At this point Gaelic and Korean are also dead, so deal with my choices. It can be brought back as long as enough people know it. Whatever we do,” Nat hissed, “we better do it fast.” He held Deck’s gaze, willing him to understand him. Deck swallowed hard and nodded his head.

“How are we to get to New York, even if we do run.  We live on the outskirts of Oregon for crying out loud,” Yeller said, presenting the new problem. He shifted, pressing at his throbbing temples.

“Do you guys want to stay in the freezing climate of winter up here and have a shorter distance to run, or head down towards Texas and have a warmer run and more of a chance of being caught?” Benj asked.

“What do you mean by caught?” Nat pricked at the tone in his voice.

“Warmer climates it’s rare to see wolves; coyotes and coywolves on the other hand are detested, chicken raiding vermin.  We’d probably be mistaken for coyotes down there by the remaining preppers who survived.” Benj dug his toe in the mud.

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Torii Gate and Toshogu in Japan Canvas Print
Torii Gate and Toshogu in Japan Canvas Print
by Kavordia

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