“Get tae feck, arsepiece.  F’r me lads’s birt’right, ye dafty dunderheid! It were ‘n ta’ blast’d contract!” he bellowed into Fearchar’s mind, breaking his brogue, before sending the man hurtling toward the other end of the room.  Fearchar backed away into the house looking confused between Eoin and Seonaid.

“What did he say?” Seonaid asked, creeping back to her husband.

” ‘is bairns’ birthright.  ‘e needs a shovel for a birthright,” Fearchar tested the words, not quite understanding.  He rubbed at his neck, staring the white haired man down. He had not expected Eoin’s deep brogue either.  The man could actually hold his own speaking like the rest of the Isle.

“What does he need a birthright for if his kids are sold and gone?” Seonaid sneered.

“Tha’s nae the impression Ah just got from ‘im.” Uncertainly, Fearchar approached Eoin once more.  Eoin pulled on his gloves while he stared the couple down. He picked up his duffel and the apothecary cabinet. Emerging into a world completely blanketed in wet cold, he took in a deep breath and waited for his head to stop pounding. Better to get away quickly before the couple had the village up in arms against him.  He should never have shown them his memories. He slogged his way down the slick road from the house.

He barely made it to the couple’s post marking the path from the road to the house when Fearchar caught up with him, bearing a shovel.  Eoin paused, confused. “Hen says ye can ‘ave the shovel if ye explain why ye need it,” Fearchar proffered the tool to him.  Eoin looked at it, uncertain, his insides smoldering. They stood there in the quiet of the snowfall, waiting for one or the other to give.  Eoin hunched in on himself and walked back to Fearchar. He grabbed the shovel and tramped over his footsteps back to the house.

Once inside, he dropped the shovel on his duffel and more carefully set the apothecary cabinet down on the floor.  Fearchar came in behind him and made his way back over to his wife. Before the husband and wife could balk, Eoin approached them, a menacing shadow of death with his red leather cloak and hawk mask on.

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Old Goat Society Retirement Age Tote Bag
Old Goat Society Retirement Age Tote Bag
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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