His children were a shade darker with the sand of the cell sticking to them.  He had made a nest of their shrouds to help them sleep off the floor, though it was not much of a barrier.  

He was surprised, blinking into the predawn light, that Masud eventually came for them.  The slaver had them all, as he had promised: Amina, Tau, Callum, and Albin, chained, but together.  Eoin and the rest were loaded onto a donkey led cart. A burlap bundle was shoved up against the bench boards.  Masud muttered and mumbled in the seat next to the driver, but none of them could understand his words. Eoin took the time he could to explain to the four what was happening.  Amina and Tau, old enough to understand repercussions from actions sat quietly in the cart, absorbing their fate. Eoin apologized multiple times during the trip in the cart. Amina waived them away.

Variable landscapes passed by day after day.  Eoin slept on and off as the sun rose and set and the donkey was changed at different stations along the rocky path.  He had never seen land like this. Towering mountains, vast swaths of scrub brush and outcrops of palm trees. Sheep herders called to their flocks in the distance.

Eoin dearly wanted to find out from Masud where he was taking them, but the man kept well clear of Eoin’s grasping fingers.  The shrew stopped several times to enter tent camps and sit to drink with the men when the group in the carriage broke bread and guzzled water that timid women left for them.

It was in the early morning of some day, Eoin didn’t even know anymore how many days they traveled, when the heights of a mountain capital rose up in front of them. He peered into the dark crevices and the shimmering glints of white where the sun touched down.  Masud exclaimed with joy and pointed at the mountain side, excitedly pressing his driver to get their beast of burden to hurry.

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Mountain range with clouds faux canvas print
Mountain range with clouds faux canvas print
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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