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So, a couple things have happened in the last few weeks I wanted to quick mention.

I am running an Author Promo for the LGBTQ community authors this year. I have scheduled guest posts into May. I wanted to thank all of them for talking to us about who they are and what they produce. Please take your time to read their posts and check out their links!

Second item of business. I had a couple people review my Patreon account and tell me it did not qualify for adult content, save for a spare image, which I subsequently deleted from the site. I had a mod look over the whole thing and take the adult-content flag off of it. This should make the page more easily accessible to you.

I also had some people give me a few ideas for Tier benefits in patreon. I now am offering five Tiers for people who want to support what I do. I do have my Tiers set to charge monthly, rather than by post.


You get access to posts early (I do post pages several weeks earlier then what I do to this website if you want to read ahead. Those pages do go public live about a week earlier then my website.) Those posts are in a “draft” phase where I have not edited what you see on the website.

Q & A:

You get the same benefit of reading pages way earlier then the website as Beta Tier. I also conduct a Q&A post where you can ask questions about my art and write process, character development, etc.

Your Name

(I only have 15 slots): Beta and Q&A Benefits. You also can have your first or last name used as a minor roll character in one of my books. This would be slotted for the book I’m currently working on – The Fire in My Blood, which is a stand alone outside of the Kavordian Library universe. This book has a lot of characters, and I am killing characters in this one. Tell me if you want to be good, bad, dead, or alive by the end of the book!

End of Work Shoutout

You get the same benefits as Beta and Q&A. You do not get the Your Name Tier benefit. Instead, at the end of the book, I will put your name as a formal thank you to my patrons for helping support my work!


Beta and Q & A benefits. This one doesn’t involve Your Name or End of Work Shoutout. Instead, this one is really special.

You know how there’s a couple names at the front of the book that people use to thank people who are close to them or people who helped with a lot of research, their editors, those kinds of people? I will be opening up the ability for people to get that coveted dedication for my books. I will be thanking two patrons in each of my book dedications. This means currently I have 12 slots open:

  • 2 for Fyskar: The Kavordian Library Book 1
  • 2 for Subject15: The Kavordian Library Book 2
  • 2 for Polaris Skies: The Kavordian Library Book 3
  • 2 for Subgalaxia: The Kavordian Library Book 4
  • 2 for Life of a Librarian (I am rewriting this in 2020)
  • 2 for The Fire in My Blood (My current WIP)

Sounds all well and good and all, but this is a webseries isn’t it? These books can disappear and then those dedications and shoutouts and what have you don’t really matter right?

Well, here’s the thing, when I get close to the end of the books on the website, I will be hosting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to have the books physically printed with the artwork. I don’t know how much that will cost right now, but I’ve checked into PrintNinja for getting this done. I’d like some input on what people would want to see (hardback, glossy pages, etc. etc. – useful subject area for the Q&A tier) This would inform my decisions and make sure I don’t underbudget the print or over print my audience.

I do plan on having extra chapters of content in each physical book that will not be available on any digital platform. – Think director’s cut.

So, come out and check my Patreon and get excited for the physical books!

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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