He took down most of the boss’s underlings over the course of one night.  Twenty men and eight women. The boss had some money in the police department, so he was the one pulling the strings to keep Fane’s sister’s case from going anywhere.  He got Fane arrested and dropped into a six by eight cell in Sanguis for three years. That boss got some of his own men put in as guards in the last couple months of Fane’s internment.  They beat him into hamburger practically. He has some gnarly scars – brands, burns, signs of torture. He showed up on our doorsteps looking more like a rag doll than a human,” Zephyr explained.

“How’d he get out?” Orlov asked.  He couldn’t see a mob boss just letting Anson walk out of a jail cell that easily, especially after getting his guards in.

“You know, he doesn’t even remember any of this?  That’s how badly they beat him. We only found out about it when the military was called in to clean up Sanguis.  The place had to be shut down after what he did there,” Zephyr flipped his hand dismissively, like it was worthless, old information.

“Shut down…?” Orlov looked at the man, horror written across his face.

“There weren’t a lot of inmates left in there after the mob put their men in.  Fane was the injured dog in the corner. He ripped them to shreds when they got to him.  When the burial of eighty plus men can occupy the space of thirteen coffins…The place had to be condemned,” Zephyr responded.

“And you guys willingly let him join the military?” Orlov was indignant and terrified.

“He ended up in the hospital ward for a whole year, recovering from his wounds.  We’re not entirely sure if he got a good knock to the brain that damaged his memory center or if he’s just trying to keep his memories buried from those events.  We had a good guy working in intelligence back then that helped us piece together some of Fane’s story. He put together all the evidence from what Fane was capable of doing. Took him six months to piece together the video footage from Sanguis.

We had to have Fane, if we could tame him.

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Southwestern Cow Skull Ceramic Ornament
Southwestern Cow Skull Ceramic Ornament
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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