We figured, if we extended a helping hand, he’d be willing to join up and help.  Sometimes just feeding and clothing a person who has never lived anywhere but on the streets can keep them and you safe,” Zephyr answered.

“He murdered people,” Orlov accused.

“And if your sister’s eyes were sent to you in an envelope tomorrow and the police ignored you and the judges are getting paid to bury it?” Zephyr pinned Orlov under his gaze.  Orlov gulped. “It’s not legal. No. Murder is considered evil. People are supposed to live.

You don’t seem to understand how the military works though, if you’re thinking what Fane did was wrong.  Like hell are we correct in what we do. We are put on the ground and told to point our guns at people who have a different opinion than the guys paying us; by politicians in a city so far away that they’ll never be harmed for the work we do.  Now, we have to be humane about the way we go about it.  Torture isn’t permitted, and there are such things as war crimes.  But war is a crime. Think about it sometime, your highness.

The mob was all but destroyed.  Our intelligence guy? He put together enough evidence for tax evasion, and without the boss’s guards there to hide him anymore, we were able to put the bastard away.  Crime, drug running, and murder rates all went down in the city by twenty percent. We actually have gentrification of some neighborhoods and a rise in the education system right now,” Zephyr smiled sadly.

“Was that worth 108 people?” Orlov protested.

“I don’t know how to answer that.  I don’t. Morally, I’m supposed to respond no.  I’m supposed to be politically correct and say no one deserves to die.  I’m supposed to be that person. Honestly though, Fane has suffered for it.  This is his prison,” Zephyr motioned to the room, emphasizing the military complex.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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