“He said something to that effect,” Orlov nodded, conceding the point.

“Did you actually get him in the lift at Crystal?” Zephyr asked.

“Yeah, why?” Orlov asked, not really sure what that had to do with anything.  

Zephyr stared at him for a moment with a look of fervent awe and surprise. “You know we have over thirty lifts in this compound and I have never seen him get into a single one when he’s been accompanying me.  I’ve had to carry around sedation injections in case I have to get him into a small room. Hospitals are a joy,” Zephyr morosely rose to finger the lock on Fane’s locker.  “He knows I do it, but he’s gotten to where he ignores me when I do have to dose him. That MRI scan we had to run on him to make sure he was all right – I got to watch him have a full blown panic attack on the scanner.”  He spun the dial on the lock and popped the door open.

So, the kid wasn’t angry at him in the lift.  “He got into the lift with me because…?” the prince wasn’t quite connecting the dots.

“He respected you and your position enough to not embarrass you,” Zephyr flicked the tag on Fane’s uniform collar.

“And he doesn’t do that for you?” Orlov asked.

“I know why he has serious claustrophobia, so I let him use the stairs.  He has a key for the fire-alarm set doors, that way he doesn’t get stuck taking a lift,” Zephyr supplied.  “He’s punctual to anything he has to be at, without anyone ever being the wiser that he has to do that.”

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Southwestern Cow skull Stone Coaster
Southwestern Cow skull Stone Coaster
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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