“If he really did…kill all those people, why does he insist that he hasn’t been field tested.  Is he really that safe to work with?” Orlov turned back to their prior conversation.

“Remember, his amnesia took out everything before he woke up in a hospital bed in a medical ward.  He quite literally doesn’t remember why he has a fear of small spaces. He doesn’t remember what he did to get himself into that situation in the first place.  He hasn’t been ‘put in the field’ so to speak since getting out of the hospital.

By all rights, if he had been brought in as proper military, he would have been medically discharged for all his problems. He had several reconstructive surgeries after they finally got him free of all his infections. Physical therapy and personal dedication put him at top performance amongst the men. He’s had some minor psych-therapy in the early days, but that’s not covered for more than ten sessions a year. Therapist and dietitian put him on a plant-based diet to help him cope with some missplaced flashbacks he gets around meat.  Though he can complete his physicals with the best of them and he does magnificently with his shot tests, he doesn’t have any faith in himself to actually go out and serve the military because he doesn’t remember his experience.  If I was in his position, I’m not sure I’d want to remember that either,” Zephyr closed the locker with a bang.

“Shouldn’t he have been put into a civilian ward? If he was so badly hurt, he clearly has physical disabilities that would release any regular soldier from the military and PTSD to boot,” Ishan pressed.

“Get a chance and watch him scale a wall. He’s a spider on a rope and flexible as hell. He worked his physical therapist half to death and gives the martial arts coaches on base a run for their money weekly. Guy’s the reincarnation of an Americano with a triple shot of espresso in a pint sized package. Like hell we’d turn him civilian when he’s that useful. Outside of the small spaces and stairs, Anson’s fine. He doesn’t cower at shells or fireworks and doesn’t self-medicate. So what if he has to keep to rabbit food, not like that get’s in the way of his work. They make vegan mre’s now you know?” Zephyr turned to look at the prince.  He leaned up against the locker. “He’s a great teacher, patient with the new recruits. Test scores have improved since we released him to start training. We are only safe to work with him because of a set of conditions though.  His immense loyalty. His sense of obligation. His fear of small spaces. He won’t willingly do something that will get him stuck in a small space as a punishment.

 Though we have never threatened him with the possibility of getting stuck in solitary confinement, he has confessed to me before that he has a conspiracy theory that if he left the military, he’d be put in solitary.  He told me that several months after getting out of the hospital, after he read his case file. So, he knows. He knows what he did, but he doesn’t remember it.” Zephyr tapped his skull, “He has a sense of immense guilt.  He’s a good guy. He’s loyal. He tries to please people. He’s an orphan, whose sister tried to help him out.

They were living in some shack town near the dumps. He helped watch out for the kids in the neighborhood, kind of an older brother to them.  She got herself caught up in a pimping operation run by that mob and ended up dead. Somebody got it in their heads to try to blackmail him for money to pay off her ‘debts’ she had accrued while in that…service.

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Southwestern Cow Skull Classic Round Sticker
Southwestern Cow Skull Classic Round Sticker
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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