The calves of his pants were soaked through with the freeze and he was thankful for his waterproof hiking boots.  Clothes would become a necessity eventually, but for now, food.

Sun Hee glanced at him sharply, not in the mood for his quip.  “How many miles,” Sun Hee retorted as she stopped and sat down on a rubble pile and emptied one of her boots of rocks and water.  The wind bit into her heavy wool socks and she quickly slid on her boot again. She wiped the mud from her hands onto her jeans, no longer caring that they were designer jeans that her mom had saved up for three months to buy for her.  Her mom was gone, her dad was gone. She had cried her eyes out until she was empty and hollow inside. The only thing that took up that empty space was the wolf now. The store that the jeans were bought at had burned to cinders. The jeans were warm and kept under the onslaught of freezing sleet and snow.  They no longer were fashionable, just functional.

“Maybe fifteen miles,” Benj estimated, helping his sister up after she got her boot back on.

“Is that all?” she muttered, her shoulders slumping.  They wandered into Portland, wary of their step.  Skeletal remains poked from under crushed metal and concrete. There hadn’t been enough people or enough sympathy to save and bury the damned and dead.

The buildings had been entirely stripped of paint and left in grey bent metal abstract sculptures.  Shattered glass glittered in the streets. Windowpanes yawned wide with razor sharp teeth.

“This place gives me the creeps,” Zola confided as she moved closer to her cousin.  He wrapped one arm around her and pulled her under the warmth of his long welding coat. Nat closed rank on her other side, boxing her in to reassure her.

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Rain on Canna Leaf Canvas Print
Rain on Canna Leaf Canvas Print
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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