He knew he was in trouble.  He eased out from under the rotund man and backed up to find his back pricked by drawn swords.  The dark haired man approached him with a fluid grace that had Eoin’s heart in his throat. If the man touched him now, Eoin surely would die a gruesome death that he may not enter the Forest from.

He tripped back, aware of the blades, gouges slicing stinging heat across his skin.  The giant caught him about the wrist and Eoin dropped them into the void.  He pleaded quickly for the plants he needed, the instruments, the method of curing the man before impending demise.  With all his will he begged for the medicines, hoping the man would understand through the language barrier what needed to happen. He ignored the lacerations that would need to be seen to after this fiasco.

Then he pushed the man from the void, wishing the message was clear.  The man blinked in intrigued confusion and used Eoin’s manacles to right him. Guards continued to stare Eoin down.  He trembled, his hands shaking, unable to escape the giant’s clutches. The giant issued an order to one of the guards who, without much eagerness, sheathed his sword and dashed out of the room.  Not more than two minutes later, the guard returned with another rather rotund man who carried a large clutch in his arms. The guard pointed him to Eoin.

Eoin looked at the man in surprise.  Fair skin, light brown curly hair, blue jolly eyes decorated the man.  The man cocked his head, surprised by the view in front of him. He greeted the giant happily and presented the clutch.  The giant said something to the man and pointed at Eoin. “Bonjour!” the man exclaimed. Eoin shook his head, confused. He reached for the clutch, but the giant did not let him go.  “Hello?” the fat man tried English. Eoin’s eyes turned round with saucers. It wasn’t quite what he had learned on his Isle out at the end of the Hebridies, but it sounded like Captain’s voice.  He hadn’t heard it in so long. He nodded gratefully. “What is your name? Mirza says you requested the physicians old tools?” the man asked. Eoin shook his head and pointed around Mirza towards the individual on the floor.  Mirza spoke softly to the brunet. The men around the fallen individual looked up at the exchange expectantly. “Merde!” the heavy man exclaimed before he took Eoin’s manacles and draged him around the prince, back to the unexpected event.  

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ensō as acceptance button
ensō as acceptance button
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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