The hell?  What’s the prince’s deal?  Fane threw a flat rock with all his might against the satin smooth surface of the lake.  The stone skipped a good ten or eleven spots before sinking near the other side. This was his little area.  Well, he had to share it with other passerbies. It was the base’s recreational lake after all.

He had dropped by the mess hall on his way out of the building to grab a bag of stale croutons the guys kept for him.  He had ran a couple training missions with them and given them some pointers that improved their testings. They found out about his secret love for feeding turtles and, though it had started out as a joke, had started keeping a bag of stale croutons for Fane to use.  Everyone had a way of blowing off steam. There were worse methods, afterall.

He sank down to the grass, still brewing.  He had had such a good time with the shooting test today too.  He opened up the plastic bag of croutons and pulled out a couple of chunks.  He proceeded to flick them into the water. He watched, amused as fish and turtles emerged.  If he waited long enough, the ducks at the other end of the pond would show up. It wasn’t like the turtles really ate a lot of the croutons.

He sighed.  He had to calm down.  He had a bit of time off.  He should try to actually relax and unwind.  His mind wasn’t letting him though. It was racing away, like too many tabs open on a browser screen.  He knew he’d have to pack his stuff. He’d need supplies to deal with the difference in climate and culture in the Punjab region.  He’d have so much paperwork to fill out. This would be the first real time he’d spent any significant time away from the base. Likely, he’d be going it alone.  That was what the scout was there for, not an entire army after all.

Fane, having ran out of croutons, and the last ones sinking in the sparkling green, laid down in the warm grass.  He breathed in deep, lost in the expanse of sky above the trees. The sun had just hit fifteen hundred. His stomach growled.  He’d been in such a rush to leave the foul taste in his mouth that he had neglected to grab lunch.

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ensō as acceptance magnet
ensō as acceptance magnet
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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