He pulled Eoin down to the ground with him and shoved the bag in his hands.

The others looked on, curiosity and apprehension palpable in the space.  Eoin opened the leather case, surprised that it would fold out into a massive hide he could spread the materials out on.  The chamber quieted to a deafening silence as he sifted through unfamiliar tools, jars and packs. It was infuriating to work with others’ tools, to not have a clue as to their preparation methods, their concentrations, their effectiveness.  He worked his way through the materials, smelling and carefully tasting varying ingredients until he found a powdered resin he was searching for. With a mortar and pestle he ground a set of dried plants into the resin and looked around, aware that he didn’t have water in which to get the powder down the man’s throat.  

He looked up at the giant of a man, expectantly.  He flinched when the giant’s hand settled on his shoulder for a second, trying to calm his beating heart.  The first word he understood of the giant’s language, “water!” the man issued the command. A guard produced a flask of the liquid.  Eoin wasn’t keen on dumping the medicine into the container, it would ruin the flask, but there was no other way, and he had to hurry.  He dumped out most of the liquid onto the tile floor, which caused quite a stir among the onlookers. The prince snapped and another person ran out of the room to return quickly with an absorbent cloth to clean the mess.  Eoin ignored the interchange.

He poured a measured amount of his powder into the flask and shook it hard, incorporating it into a thickened liquid.  He pressed the opening to the man’s mouth and pushed into the man’s unconscious, forcing him to take down the liquid. The flask empty, Eoin laid his head on the man’s chest, listening to the beat as he felt the man’s skin, making sure what he felt and what he heard matched.  Years appeared to drag by as he waited for the stutter to stop. He grimaced. Maybe the amounts weren’t right.

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Eoin Fyskar Kavordian Library Chibi T-Shirt
Eoin Fyskar Kavordian Library Chibi T-Shirt
by Kavordia2

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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