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I am Vincent Rotondo, JD, BS. I currently work in administration at a local college on Long Island, New York, but I am always looking for ripe and new opportunities to find more personally fulfilling work. I have a law degree and I want to use it to find a stable, satisfying career where I can feel like I am doing something that can help people. I have many goals in my life, and I work every day toward at least one of them, but I am also of the mind to make sure I attain some semblance of stability first, in terms of my financial wellbeing and my own health.

The Forms of Dust by [Rotondo, V.R.F.]

The Book

My first book, and the book that I want to promote here, is The Forms of Dust, a science-fiction, action story that grapples with many themes of social justice, class consciousness, capitalism and the plight that Millennials such as myself go through. The book centers around two protagonists, Whitney and Dylan. Whitney was fired from her old job and Dylan had a hard time finding stable work. Worse still is that both their families are destitute, living close to the poverty line despite working good jobs. One day, they both receive a letter from an innovative tech conglomerate called Bolero Pharmaceuticals, which offers the pair of despondent young adults an opportunity for a fulfilling and satisfying job. Both eagerly accept, not only to save their families from poverty but also to fulfill their own senses of self-satisfaction. What neither of them realized was that they both were deceived into becoming testers for superpowers. Their powers manifest as Dusts, large, supernatural creatures that are reflections of their psyches made manifest, like familiars to wizards and witches in fairy tales. As they train with their Dusts, and harness the considerable power the Dusts provide, the two begin to question the nature of their new employers, especially after engaging in morally questionable actions on behalf of the corporation. The further they questioned, the more their new employer began to reprimand them, and, before long, Whitney and Dylan are branded as traitors and are targeted by their former employers. Now, in a story filled with love, grief, revelation, realization, hardship, tragedy and glorious triumph, Whitney and Dylan have to fight to protect themselves, protect their families, fend off against corporate assassins, uncover the secrets at the heart of Bolero Pharmaceuticals and save not just their neighborhood but New York from the yoke of capitalist tyranny.

More About Me

There were many life experiences that lead me to start writing, but there was only ever one moment that truly spurred me to write. The moment that really got me into writing was reading one Shakespearean sonnet in high school, specifically Sonnet 18. The sonnet’s themes regarding the aging of the person, the changing of the environment and the immortality of the written word really shook me. I have always had a creative mind when it came to crafting stories, looking at how stories are made, how they impact us on an emotional level and what the power of fiction could do to tell people truths about the world that are very much non-fiction. I have always had a creative side, whether it was in the fine arts, such as with painting and drawing, or whether it was in other areas, such as media and the analysis of said media. As I grew older, I felt the importance of fictional media grow with me, for I realized just how powerful fiction can be to help inform, enlighten, delight, destroy and rebuild.

As far as how my sexuality has influenced my artistic sensibilities, LGBTQ+ characters are a mainstay in my fiction, both in my published fiction and the fiction that I am planning to write. In The Forms of Dust, all of my major characters are LGBTQ+; Whitney is a lesbian and Dylan is bisexual. I feel that it is important to provide dynamic, real and heartfelt depictions of LGBTQ+ characters in all forms of media because aside from the well-known and well-documented benefits in finding positive representation in works of fiction for marginalized peoples, I also think that narrative, how its structured and who it is structured around is all paramount. The framing of people of color, disabled characters, LGBTQ+ characters and other marginalized groups matter in the grand scheme of creating social commentary because the identities of these characters matter to the setting, they matter to the points being made in the themes of the work, they matter to how the plot functions and the danger posed for the characters with marginalized identities. Despite how despondent my work can get, I make it a point to have an element of triumph in the end, especially for marginalized LGBTQ+ people, because we have long been subject to deprivation. I am asexual and I feel that it could one day inspire more characters than it does now. I am a fairly new writer, and I have so many more stories to tell for my characters, especially for those who are LGBTQ+.

I am a young writer. I am still in my twenties. I published The Forms of Dust over this past summer and have, since then, grown as a writer and as an intellectual. I want to write for the masses, but I know that I need a body of work, a reputation and a train of progress to reach that point. Even though I truly love writing for myself (I am currently editing a high fantasy novel I wrote and will be out shortly), my ultimate goal is to enlighten people or give people a different opinion to think about. I get a lot of personal satisfaction and accomplishment out of writing. Many of my friends, family and even strangers I have encountered congratulate me on being able to publish a book, and all of their praise makes me feel really good.

In truth, I want to have a steady growth. I want to tell every story I want to tell or can tell. Writing tends to be therapeutic for me, and I feel like I am accomplishing something with my writing. I want to be able to one day help people realize who they are, be happy with themselves or look critically at parts of themselves that they feel they could improve upon.

Thank you for having me write this blurb. Please get a copy of my book and follow me on Twitter. I promise, before long, there will be more of my work in stock!

Where You Can Find Out More About The Author

My Twitter account is here(@vrf_rotondo):

The link to the Amazon page for The Forms of Dust is here:

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