The Omnibus is now available on Kindle. I have run out of time to make it into a paperback or release an edition with the illustrations I’ve spent years making for the 4 book set. I have brain surgery next week to removed the AVM. I was touching my own mortality, wondering if I’d wake up and forced myself to get this set done.

It has Fyskar, Subject15, Polaris Skies, and Subgalaxia all wrapped into one 800 page book for $4.99. Here’s the link: Kavordian Library

The Blurb

A plague doctor, a prince, a bodyguard, a pack of college students, sentient wolves, & a mad scientist. When a government agency starts WW4, it will take descendants of an ancient line and modern ingenuity to save humanity.

Fyskar: 1692, a plague doctor returns home after 10 years to for revenge. His hired hand gets it in his head to find out why the man has a vendetta against the area’s most powerful clan. His motivation will effect the outcome of humankind centuries later.

Subject15: 23rd century, Fane Anson wanted his day to continue as it had on base, without change to routine or expectations. A scout looking for the best shot to teach his men has different plans. They don’t realize their meeting might start World War 4.

Polaris Skies: Nearing the end of the war, six lifelong friends escape from their hometown when a bomb drops, wiping out the orchards. Something crawls beneath their skin, whispering to them of power. An ancient bloodline resurrected and a genetic experiment mixed with a fervent cult threaten their desire to find a safe place.

Subgalaxia: The richest scientist in the world decides the war is too much and hatches a plan to change the course of human kind. Time travel and warpholes are on the menu. All he needs is the guy who let World War Four start.

Content Warning
-18+, not suitable for young people
-Depictions and mention of sex, blood, gore, violence, abuse, suicide, rape, death, homophobia, racism, sexism, drowning, PTSD, psychological trauma, war, language, loss of pregnancy

On top of getting the omnibus finished that has taken me 15 years to write, another of my short stories was published on August 31:

I wrote the short story Kiss for this anthology.

Here is the link to Beneath the Twin Suns.

In the last week, the two groups from Beneath the Twin Suns and Achten Tan have joined forces to bring out a Zombie anthology some time around Christmas. I put together a short for that in the last couple days. It may change between now and then, but I’m going to put the first draft here for my short. I keep feeling like everything is running up against a clock. Honestly, I’m afraid of dying next week.

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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