//*Not sure where I’m putting this yet, but it’s probably either a prologue or some kind of transformative growth scene*//

Magic, real control of it, is manifesting your desires into the present. It’s finding that wave length where you reach between you and the heart of the world and step into yourself. When you give up on believing you are not enough. It’s that vibration running down your backbone when the sun hits the grass in autumn and the world lights up in golden halos. You touch it in the misty mornings where whales can swim in the clouds. The drum beat in the evening dark skittering at your footprints. It is desire, and being true to it. Shedding the lies you tell yourself. The ones you tell about others. The ones that are true to you. Magic is that spark when you realize that you are you. For some, it can only be accessed in fleeting beats once or twice in a lifetime. Some never let go of it. Children can touch it more, before they learn to lie to themselves, to question and doubt and be fearful and scared. Adults almost never remember how to do it. Wizards and witches. We’re the ones who come back to who we were when the world was a golden halo and the mist flooded our lungs with mystery and adventure. Everyone’s got a bit of magic in them. Don’t fear you.

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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