I am going to do an anthology starting in January. One story a week for 52 weeks. I’ll be posting to patreon and ko-fi before it comes up on here.

I plan on writing a cohesive story about a pair of married detectives in regards to the 52 stories (probably around 1000-3000 words each).

I’m stuck at 37 creepy places for detectives to go see in a town that was started up in the 1890s and is current to today. I need some help coming up with some more locations. Middle of the country with brushland, a river, woods, hills, a rock quarry – no mountains/ocean/military bases unless maybe an old armory? So, not an old military/naval instillation, just a common city built on a resource. Mind helping me with ideas for creepy locations for the other 15 places? Here’s what I have so far:

  1. large pit (probably an old sink hole or slaked lime pit)
  2. old airport
  3. burned out power station
  4. grove in the brushland
  5. odd arrangement of rocks
  6. abandoned farmstead
  7. old sawmill
  8. old gas station
  9. decrepit motel near the highway out of town
  10. abandoned house out in the hills
  11. pond in abandoned housing development
  12. burned out cabin in the woods
  13. abandoned bus station
  14. old movie theater
  15. old quarry
  16. old house in the historic district
  17. patch of trees and shrubs that had been part of a mystery television series
  18. decrepit car wash
  19. abandoned iron works
  20. abandoned mall
  21. burned out elementary school
  22. old cave in the woods
  23. old church
  24. old river bridge for pedestrian and train/vehicle traffic
  25. old sanitorium
  26. abandoned theme park
  27. old greenhouse and rose garden attached to an abandoned mansion
  28. cemetery not in use since the 1960s
  29. single lane road that washes out during flash floods
  30. hiking trail between the university and the river walk
  31. windowless building once owned by a church
  32. abandoned hotel on a river cliff purchased by an investor
  33. an overgrown amphitheater
  34. abandoned train station
  35. forest reclaimed grainery
  36. old museum in a Victorian mansion
  37. abandoned grocery store


Here are some suggestions I received since last night:

  1. old jail
  2. old funeral home
  3. old dentist office
  4. run-down pier
  5. closed down arcade
  6. auto junkyard

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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