Announcements are in order!

I released The Kavordian Library Omnibus back in September the week before brain surgery. I did that because I wasn’t sure if I would survive the surgery. Scarey times. At 800 pages, it contains all 4 books in The Kavordian Library series in order: Fyskar, Subject15, Polaris Skies, and Subgalaxia. It however does not have my illustrations in it.

I have spent the last few weeks pulling apart the omnibus and preparing it for kindle publishing. Now the series is live and I am absolutely excited! So much of my art has been included into the books, most of them in the first of the series. I plan to put up the paperbacks in the coming months of 2021. Formatting that tends to take quite a bit of time. I wanted to get these put together for you though for the winter holiday season.

1692. The Isle of Skye.
Eoin has returned for revenge and a birthright.
What could possess a plague doctor to destroy an entire clan? Fearchar, Eoin’s hired hand, is determined to find out why he was hired with enough gold to see him to the end of his days. Seonaid, Fearchar’s wife, is uneasy with their new guest who has taken up residence in their home to work as the town doctor.
A whirlwind into the mind and the heart, Fyskar traverses the metaphysical and the physical, from the Isle of Skye to Persia. One man’s life can be so small, and yet change the destiny of the entire world.

Fane Anson, indifferent to his life in Post London, gets a jog to his comfort when he comes face to face with a New Punjabi scout, Ishan Orlov, looking for the person known as Split-Shot. Anson’s commanding officer has been after him to find happiness. Ishan might be that temptation. Nightmares of a tentacle monster keep him up at night, though. Maybe a change of scenery will help. It’s the part of finding happiness that will end the world that is not something he was made privy to though…

Until the bomb hit Jenton that January morning, Nat McCormic had thought his friends and himself safe from the War. As the fire blazes through the orchards, and he watches Ruben, known as Yeller amongst his friends, writhe in pain on the living room couch, he must face the realization that the rad-waste had something else in it. Something that changes the very DNA. Now, desperate to be free of the invasion in their bodies, Nat’s group escape town to find an antidote; anyone who can pull the wolves out of them. They meet with Hana who might be able to help. Traversing New America on foot is challenge enough, but doing so in winter while followed by a vengeful flock who want Hana back is something Nat never anticipated.

Fane Anson and Ishan Orlov find themselves pulled into the future to save them from the Grey Monster, by an eccentric scientist named Corbin Ziphle, founder of Joiner Petroleum, and revolutionary doctor Sophia Lisgon. The doctor and scientist partner together to save mankind by cryo-preserving people from across the world and across time. However, to escape the Grey Monster, Sophia and Corbin need Fane to put them into the safety of a parallel dimension.

Between meeting with Bernard – a White Horse of the Fyskar Corbin pulled, and the Glendwellers, Fane Anson must confront himself in order to protect his lover, his team, and the Subgalaxia spaceship from the Grey Monster. Is he ready to face the memories to control his powers?

Content Warning
-18+, not suitable for young people
-Depictions and mention of sex, blood, gore, violence, abuse, suicide, rape, death, homophobia, racism, sexism, drowning, PTSD, psychological trauma, war, language

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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