hold the colors in your hand

the sparks that splash across the walls of your mind

to breath in and feel it drip down your spine

fire burns at the back of your lungs

your heart twists in it’s cage

a writer

a reader

the exchange of souls

I see you

do you see me?

I want my writing to feel 

like a slow dance, 

the moment fingertips slip into yours, 

the warmth of a bonfire on a summer night, 

strands of lights beckoning to fireflies, 

the crack of the voice over a soft g chord

when tears blur bittersweet

and desperation is safe

take my soul

both hands to overflow the boundaries

between man and mind

drink deep the cup

hope not to drown

to approach the other side

and listen to the sweetness

of bird song

the leaves in the breeze

watch the golden halos in uncut fields

step out

to the world inside of you

I give you my everything

every word slipping from the pen

the beat

the tone

the tenor

the sky inside of me

the storm clouds

the rain

the sun

the moon

the sparks in the night

fragile as it is

walls brittle

I want

to give

to share

to love

I am a writer


be my reader

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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