Bravely Default

“I want to write a travel blog.”

That’s where the conversation started one afternoon with Wren while I was waiting for my Instant Pot spaghetti to finish cooking. The noodles came out crispy by the way. I’m still not good at using the thing, but they say cooking takes practice.

“Grant it, I know there is a pandemic going on and it’s not like I can afford to have us jet setting off to who knows where,” I provided the caviote before his eyebrow threatened to meet his hairline.

He pulled plates out of the cupboard and the gears were rolling in his head. I had been daydreaming of going back to walk through Akihabara and enjoy sakura flavored everything like we had done back in March 2019. I had also been stuck in a funk for several months trying to figure out what to do with my blog. I had torn it all down in February 2021 and now desperately needed content.

I had published my books: Fyskar, Subject15, Polaris Skies, Subgalaxia, and The Fire in My Blood during 2020. That had completely trashed my blog, seeing as I had been posting the chapters there for the longest time. I’m still writing books, but I wanted a fresh start, something interesting, something that would return writing stories to my enjoyed hobby rather than my loathed career – I hadn’t sold well, so figured it was a lost cause.

“This might sound funny, but you were talking about writing a video game review blog for newbies seeing as you don’t play much. What about doing a video game travel blog, where you talk about the worlds in the video game until we can travel again?” Wren chuckled.

I loved it. Absolutely loved the idea. I had video games hanging around the house I had barely touched. I had consoles to play them with. Having been raised with a bit of strict upbringing, I always found it difficult to sit down and let myself play video games. The house needed cleaning, the food needed preparing, I should be working on a blog, writing a book, literally anything to try to side hustle and bring in some small amount of income.

This though. This I could handle. This would give me permission to play the games I’ve wanted to and create content for a blog I’ve always wanted to write.

For my 28th birthday I bought myself a used 3ds and a really good friend gave me a used copy of Bravely Default to play on it. I had bought Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 for it as well. I gave Bravely Default a short run, and I enjoy grinding games, but I couldn’t get comfortable actually grinding, because of this whole “you need to be working” mentality I have built around video games.

Now though, I’m going to get into Bravely Default. I’ll get some following posts put together as I travel through the different lands in the game and talk about what I learn. Not necessarily game mechanics, though those may come in. I’m approaching it as a true video game newb. Observation of graphics styles, dialogue, exchange rates on merchandise, things like that.

I’ve dug out my cord and have the 3ds charging. I’ve found my games and have the cartridge waiting. I even looked through what other games Wren and I have on our gaming shelf. God of War, Bioshock, Borderlands, Breath of the Wild. I think this could be a fun approach.

What do you think? Want to join me on a Video Game Travel Blog experiment?


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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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