Mobile Game Review: The Arcana

I got it in my head, while sitting board, that I rather like the non-chalant mobile games. Some video games are a bit too intense for me, but casual games are something I can spend time on without getting overwhelemed. Hence, I dropped into the Play Store and selected a couple and figured, what the heck, might as well review them, see what I think, and if they’re really hard to get into the next level without some type of coin grab gimmick. Most have them, because it’s the way the producers and designers can make their money. I get that. Some are just set up harder than others and makes me not want to spend money on them.

With that, let’s take a look at a game I’ve been seeing advertised on Instagram for a bit: The Arcana.

It desperately wants me to connect either my facebook or google account to it, even as I enter in as a guest. Selected around that will load the guest though, so if you don’t want those accounts connected, you don’t have to.

It asks for a name and a pronoun of she/he/or they, which is refreshing.

We open on the Prologue: 1 The Magician, in the tarot deck. 0 is the Fool, so I’m curious why we didn’t start there. Shall we find out?

Ah you start out as a student of magic in Vesuvia, that’s why you don’t start out with the Fool – though…hmmm

We have a white haired character named Asra, the student’s master and fortune teller. He’s off on a journey.

Let’s just get this out of the way, I love the art style in this for both the character design and the background work. The music is on a well paced loop that sets a decent mood for the storyline, and the couple of other audio sounds, like the cards flipping, are nice and not overdrawn.

We have a pair of new character, a Countess Nadia and Julian. One of Magician, one of Death. One dressed like a Persian queen, the other a plague doctor. Interesting. We’re going into this type of fantasy world.

II: The High Priestess

Hello new guy in a collar…

A market, a chance meeting, a raven, and Portia. I have to wonder where the paths lead if I had taken a different answer. This is rather well done if it makes me want to change my answer just to see the divergent path.

III: The Empress

Dinner with the countess, a strange painting, and a bit of a history lesson to pique the player’s interest.

Intro dogs and a creepy staircase.

Alright, we’ve hit the first spot that requires coins – this is an extra content area and it requires 50 coins. At the beginning of the game, I was provided with 150 because I took the guest account rather than hook it into my other accounts.

Seeing as it is extra content, I’m going to avoid spoiling.

IV: The Emperor

Intro Asra and another money grab for 125 coins, and all I had was 100, so I had to let him go.

Ah, Julian and Asra worked together, okay, things are conglomerating, and they were working on a plague cure, so that’s why Julian has a mask, interesting.

From a half hour or so of game play, I would say that the pacing is decent. It is a slow game, set up as a book-game, rather than an action system. The extra content might be a bit steep if you want to see each one of them, but the artists, designers, and people running the servers need to eat too.

I’m not sure about a star rating as of yet, but it’s proving interesting and I would rather not give away too many spoilers. There are other websites for that.

I’ll put in a bit more time on it and see where it leads.

PS – once I got out of the prologue, I took Muriel’s route. It’s still in development, but come on, who isn’t going to be curious about tall, dark, and collared? Also the music with him is calmer. Davorak’s is brash and he goes all fidgety over Asra, so I’d rather not deal with that hot mess that is being the after a messy break-up snack and the Countess is a complete drama nope for me.

And Muriel’s story is good. Very frustratingly slow burn soft love, but definitely warm fluffy good vibes.

Do you have a casual game your working on right now?

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