Video Game Review Tuesday: Bravely Default (3DS)

Sigh. Let’s get this over with. I have not gotten far in this game. This is the third time I’ve picked it up and given it a go. I think I just have no patience for turn based game systems. I’m more of a slash and hack or novel game, I think. It’s either that or the sheer amount of grinding involved.

The graphics are good for a 3DS game. I’ll give it that. Rendered from flat to 3D it’s still pretty. The dialogue is ok, as long as it’s on mute. However, the female lead is such a pity party. Maybe it’s the voice over, but I really would rather blame it on the dialogue. The other two characters that join up with the main are just about as annoying as she is.

The roll play mechanic itself isn’t bad in and of itself. I think I’m not the right audience for it. Looking at it objectively, the whole thing is a balance of numbers. Set up the character with good defense, good offence, and enough potions, eye drops, antidotes, and herbs, and set it to auto play for you. As long as you watch how your numbers fall and you know when to intervene in the system so the characters can consume something to reboost their numbers, then it pretty much can handle itself. Effectively you’re playing a game of subtraction-chicken with pixels.

I received the game as a present when I bought my used 3ds back in 2018. I had wanted one during high school, but game systems were way too expensive for my family. So, buying a used system for myself when I turned 28 was a weird way of reclaiming a bit of childhood I didn’t get to have. It was a lovely gift that someone wanted to share their favourite 3ds game with me. I greatly appreciated the gesture. Before this, I had very little experience with turn based systems. Actually, I can’t think of any I had played. I mean, I had never even played Pokemon. Yeah, that was how my childhood went.

Bravely Default is well rated by regular gamers. The cartridge is still expensive, even for being out for as many years as it has. There is a following to it, so for the players that like turn based gaming, this has to be up there in the market for enjoyability. Maybe it is because of the autoplay feature, where as long as you are grinding and letting it play for you, you can enjoy a bit of a story and probably work through thankless jobs like watching security monitors or waiting on programs to run in the background at work. Who knows? For me, putting in the better part of 10 hours of work on it and not getting very far made it into a thankless task game.

That leaves me with if I would suggest it or not. Again, this is where I sigh and say *I am not the target audience for this game*. I cannot honestly say this is something I would suggest, because I just can’t get into it. However, it probably is actually a really decent game for those who enjoy this type of system. If you like turn base, then I’d suggest checking this out. The graphics for some of the scenes are at least really good.

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