Mobile Game Review: Love Nikki

Alright, I’ll admit, I’ve played this game before. I don’t remember right off hand how far I got, but probably ten chapters into the game I realized I needed a help website that laid out what outfits to pair for best results. Does that take away from the thing? Sort of. I say that because full sets don’t actually get you as far as you might think. They look much better. Designing a full outfit for looks is awesome, but you can get docked points for your personal aesthetic. I remember ending up with some ludicrous outfit with wings and a heavy winter scarf and a shiny black dress that got me a better point score, but Nikki looked like she’d fallen out of a wardrobe paired between a reindeer keeper and a queen.

I got frustrated with that aesthetic failing after a while and found some of the event stages to be stressful because I couldn’t complete a set without dropping money in the game. Again, this is where I provide the caveat that I know the artists, game designers, and people maintaining the servers need to eat too. So, yes, they need their ways of making money. I just found certain aspects frustrating.

I’m hoping, by giving the game another try, mainly going into this starting out with an outfit guide for best points, and knowing I’m evaluating the game on aesthetics, storyline, and playability outside of the immortal money grab that is these types of mobile games that I will have a better outlook on the game overall.

With that said, the game just finished downloading for my phone and I think I found the website I needed for initial navigation in clothing choices. Let’s see what the updates have been like since the last time I was on here back in I think 2018 or 2019?

We have a King Sayet upon introduction, opening on a funeral service for him, and 3 legacies – the way they chose to deal with distribution of materials – fashion contests. Well…okay?

Hello Nikki and Miraland.

The opening is a tutorial really on how to navigate the dressing stage and then you go around town.

Went and got into and started establishing my wardrobe. I had over 900 pieces in my last deck…jeez. I wiped the whole thing and started back at the beginning and now have to go through and manually input each of the items, but this will make this game easier in the long run.

Sadly, the Accessory tab for the website tends to get bogged down, so when possible, if you can figure out what the item is, like a hat, or jewelry, or a skin, go through those tabs rather than just the general accessory tab.

After finishing the first chapter in this all over again, I remembered why I eventually deleted it off my phone several years back. The story line plays out in a contrived manner. The costume sets make you anxious to get more, more, more, and there are numerous reward tasks that pop up as those little dopamine release bubbles to make you play more. If you start out with an inventory that generates winning combinations for outfits it gets easier to play, but that means keeping an updated inventory of outfits, which, if you don’t have it hooked to the account (because some of us left facebook in the dust) the game can turn into a real time sink.

I would honestly say, the game would be fun, if the clothing combinations were actually pretty. However, they tend to be outragious monstrosities that a clown would be embarrassed to parade out in.

Give it a go if you have that ‘oh there’s a shiny, oh there’s a shiny, oh there’s a shiny, must collect them all and win everything’ personality. It can satisfy that itch. The number of tasks that add up and the time limits on some outfit acquisitions can just rack up anxiety though for some of us.

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