Anime Cinema Friday: Accel World

This is in the bracket of ‘would recommend’. It isn’t exactly cute in the way Ouran Highschool Host Club is. It’s also not gruesome in a Deadman Wonderland sort of way. I’d say it boarders on a split in art style and thematics between Konosuba and Sword Art Online, without, you know, eight seasons or whatever SAO is currently sitting at.

This one acknowledges the gaming system, but it doesn’t trap people in the alternative world like Overlord and Log Horizon. The Gundam type fighting suits are not poorly rendered. OMG you can get me going on irritation when studios decide to put in 3d rendered Blender construction into “traditional” anime and it doesn’t integrate well. Violet Evergarden and Black Clover deal with that type of integration well, but considering something like Alice to Zorouku and I’m just going to cringe.

Off that tangent, the intensity level for this thing is probably in a mild 3-4. Enough drama to keep you interested. Doesn’t have the robust staying power that some other dynamic anime does, but it slips into the category of a newer anime fan coming to you asking for a list of things to recommend and this one tends to get thrown on the list. The story line is paced okay. Some scenes are dragged out and some are a bit too short. It could have been tightened up, but I think it was allowed to progress the way it did to fit the timeframe the producers needed.

Overall, you won’t be wasting your time watching it. If you have actual important things to do though, it’s an easy one to put down and go do the things needing being done without you chomping at the bit to get back and find out what happens next.

That’s what it is. It doesn’t have an intense cliff-hanger complex! Oh, now I get it. That’s why it’s in the 3-4 intensity scale category for me. Huh. Interesting.

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