Video Game Review Tuesday: Animal Crossing (3DS)

I picked up this game the same time I picked up my used 3ds and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for my birthday pack in 2018. I’ve put in probably a good 40 hours of play time in on it since then. Which, isn’t a lot now that I look at the amount of time since purchase versus the amount of time since play.

I don’t have anyone else to play with on it. There’s probably some aspect in the game play I’m missing out on because of that aspect. I haven’t been able to fill in on certain insects, fish, and other elements most likely for this reason.

Really, I got bored of it around the 32 hour mark because it was getting super repetitive. The only interesting thing I found about it and the reason I would get it out on random occassions was learning that it did a day and night mode and when the seasons would change, so would some of the catch elements.

I picked it up way back in 2018 because Animal Crossing tried to make a mobile game, which I think flopped, but I liked the really short amount of play I had on that.

If the need for friends to gather all the drops is what drives the game mechanic, I can understand now while there were bands of people forming up in the Twitter community when the Switch game dropped recently. It would have to.

I still don’t understand turnips. I know there was some talk of how the turnip market had influenced a generation section when the Gamestop/AMC Robinhood fiasco went down this past winter. In 40 hours of game play, I never did run into a turnip, so, talk about confused.

It’s cute. The 3d aspect renders okay, and if you really need something mindless to do for a bit with a touch of success feeling thrown in, this can handle that, but I wouldn’t suggest thinking this is going to be the number one competitive game out there. It’s not designed to be. It’s a low weight game with manageable elements for casual gaming by newbs. Me being that newb.

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