Mobile Game Review: Legend of the Phoenix

legend of phoenix game snapshot, woman in ancient chinese outfit

Gave this one a swing and a miss. It mimics Love Nikki with a bit more of a storyline. The voice over is static at best, in so far as the actors sound pained to be doing the voice acting. Some of them have poor inflection, which almost sounds like auto voice reading.

The graphics are relatively pretty and bright visually. The detail is intricate, but with intricacy for delicacy comes compression rate. Also, really small font. Maybe this would play better on a tablet over a phone.

The system is quite rail based. It plows through the “battle sequences” where there is some dialogue, but it flashes on the screen so quickly you can’t see what is happening. As long as the story is on mute, the dialogue is not bad, and that can clue you in on a lot. You have some choices you can make and effectively as long as you make the right choice for how this story is supposed to progress, your character progresses rapidly through the issues.

If not for the dialogue, the background music is relaxing. It is another version of a grinding game. It has a multitude of tasks which helps its robustness. However, it entails just enough details in it to make it intimidating on first glance. It’s not as bad as needing to maintain a separate website account to keep track of everything in your wardrobe and have a processor tell you what you need to wear to win your combats – looking at you Love Nikki.

There are quite a few tabs to navigate through and lucky draws. It seems, as long as you cycle through the tabs and make sure to do the duties in seemingly excess, you won’t falter horribly with the game. It is a casual role play system and meant to be relaxing after all.

It’s not a game I think I’ll keep around longer than I needed to write the review, but I’ll give the designers credit where it’s due. It’s got a bit of interest and the art is nice. Not like I could do it. It’s just a little much for what it is.

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