Video Game Review Tuesday: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (3DS)

Holy freaking intense tutorial mode! Is this normal for square enix games? It feels like it. The few times I’ve opened up any of the Final Fantasy games I’ve felt like my brain was melting. How does anyone remember what all these combo and spell slots do?

Alright. So I’m simple when it comes to game structures. I have to wonder if it’s just me trying to get used to working on a tiny screen? I didn’t get to grow up with gameboys or those types of handheld gaming systems. The structure is intense and the graphics are…not great. That might be more the fault of playing this game 10+ years from when it was produced. I’ve thrown Kingdom Hearts 1 on my new TV and that’s eye openingly painful now. So much no. I am going to review it though. I loved the Alice in Wonderland section from that game.

This one. Save me. Save me. I am really bad at this. And why can’t I remember all the button combinations?

Hey, I’m doing reviews. I never said I was actually good at playing video games. I want to be. I don’t want to be a competitive millionaire pro-player or anything like that. I’d just like to actually find that level of relaxed enjoyment so many other people get by playing video games and understand that feeling.

I don’t.

I really don’t get it. But I’m going to keep trying.

This one’s story line is jarring and feels scattered. I have a feeling that I probably am playing it out of game order. I jumped into it and other than recognizing the characters, I don’t understand what the situation is exactly.

So, if I’m not focused on the story line, which probably has me playing through both KH 1 and 2 to understand, then we turn to the play system.

Wait, which button was it, and I’m dead. Again.

This shouldn’t be this difficult. I like slash and bash games. Reason I loved KH 1 & 2. For the most part, I can ignore most of the magic system and just chase down bad guys and turn them into coinage. Simple. Clean cut. Easy. I’m just not exactly quick on the “you need to drink a potion now – oh look, you’re dead again.”


This one takes a bit of work.

Would I suggest it 10+ years since it’s release? If you love KH series, yes, because it fills in the edges. If I could just remember the edges. I’m having fun with it, even if the graphics feel old. I mean, I plan on reviewing gameboy games, so I need to get used to things not looking like ps4 graphics. Wren’s letting me borrow his old pokemon yellow from his childhood and some of the game cartridges he had laying about. What’s that you say, there’s no backlight? The horror. Look forward to it. I ran about 30 minutes of Pokemon Blue and felt like I was playing snake on a flip phone from 2000 all over again. Is that what childhood feels like, an 8 bit game to some people?

The DS game is better than that situation. I’m just not great at it. Practice will make it better and hopefully when I get around to doing a review on KH 1, 2 & 3, this game will make more sense in the realm of the story ine for me.

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  1. Days has a lot of great stuff going for it, but most of that great stuff gets captured really well in the movie version they did for the 1.5 HD collection. The actual game is probably only worth playing if you really like Kingdom Hearts and want to experience it as it was at the time, or if you’re really into DS games that were probably a bit too ambitious for the DS.
    I think it probably suffered a little bit in the fandom’s collective memory for coming out around the time the series diverged from the ‘main’ games and really started in earnest on what’s now its often-mocked tradition of including Important Story Stuff on multiple platforms – KH1 and 2 were on PS2, and Chain of Memories between them was originally GBA and very important for understanding 2 but a lot of people didn’t know that and it was released for PS2 not too much later. Then you get to 2008/9 ish and suddenly there’s Days on DS, Coded on mobile (and later Re:Coded on DS as well), and Birth by Sleep on PSP. That last one is definitely the one that got the most attention from the fans, probably for good reason, but possibly a little bit to the exclusion of Days.
    I’m super glad Days exists if only for the fact that we wouldn’t have Xion’s music without it, though. Plus I’ve written a fair bit about humanist perspectives on the KH series and a lot of the stuff that comes up in that take is to do with Roxas or Xion, so Days being a very good bit of source material for them was helpful!


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