Mobile Game Review: Mall of the Dead

mall of the dead banner, 3 men with weapons and zombies in background

Well, hello beautifully rendered hotness on my phone. Wait, why are the zombies really jerky? Why are there only two versions of the zombies? And why are all the customers black shadows? I think I’ve been pampered on playing some other otome games before getting into this one. So, let’s step back and take a moment to center ourselves before dashing off into the madness that is a rom-sim game set in a zombie filled mall.

I got through the prologue just fine. I had read a couple reviews that said the five and a half hour wait time between recharge drops on rubies was steep. I figured, meh, it really can’t be that bad, I’ve played other games with similar recharge drop rates.

Yeah. No. This thing eats your rubies fast and frequently and I barely got into the first chapter. I did my subsequent wait for drops. Ran the little ad that it makes you watch. And then…no rubies. Yeah, it said I got them, but it never credited to the little counter. So, I couldn’t move on to the Weber arc correctly.

You know the four little throbbing red corners in anime to note frustration? Yes. I was doing that. I wanted to get into this game, but $2.49 for 20 rubies and every major story interaction costs 20 rubies at least and you have to wait 5 and a half hours for 30 rubies that may not credit to the account?

That’s a big fat no in my department. I’ll probably end up purchasing some otome games on Steam for my birthday this month just out of sheer irritation.

This is why I like the game The Arcana. It has a decent recharge rate on keys. You can proceed through the storyline without having to spend coins if you want. Though do I ever want to throw money at that particular app. They give you enough so it can be played freely, and that makes me want to throw a dollar here and a dollar there on the app. If I was stupidly rich, I’d probably drop $100 on them without blinking because I appreciate the amount of work that went into creating that game. The art and design team alone I want to fangirl all over.

This Mall of the Dead though. It raised my irritation hackles. Not because the art is necessarily bad. I just couldn’t get into the rhythm of the thing without being microtransactioned into the dirt.

So, if you’re after an otome game with some action and a zombie flare, this might be for you, but be prepared to slap some cash on the counter before you can get anywhere in it.

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