Anime Cinema Friday: Amagi Brilliant Park

I like this anime a lot.

It hits every one of those tropes that can drive me up the walls some days. So I’m not entirely sure why I can forgive it with this one. There is a lot of jiggle. A lot of fan service. A lot of short skirts and guns and slapt stick humor.

It is fast paced but complete for the amount it covers. It feels like there are a billion and one plot holes, but they each get covered in due time. There’s enough of a hook and cliff hanger in each episode to make the viewer want to come back for more.

The MC does develop through the story. First meeting is kind of rough. A bit of humility and some sense through the rest of the episodes knocks him down a peg without spiraling into mental health crisis level. He goes from being an egotist to being a confident manager.

This is one of those anime, if I know someone just needs a bit of whimsical urban fantasy, I’ll send them to this one. I’ve suggested it a number of times over the years when people ask for anime suggestions and they aren’t looking for psych-horror (my other favorite).

There are some follow up videos after the initial arc that you can watch to expand on the story.

It’s a great bit of feel good, if you’re okay with some mind bending fan service. It’s not deep. It’s not revolutionary. The art isn’t even in some high end bracket of workmanship like Jujutsu Kaisen or Violet Evergarden.

It’s not something that you have to watch all at once – though you kind of forget that when you watch and then go “wait, why did it end?” I’d put the thing in as the Halloween candy bowl that you grab handfuls out of throughout the day and then realize you have a mound of wrappers on your desk and you didn’t realize you ate that much.

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