Manga Cafe Monday: Mushoku Tensei Isekai Ittara Honki

This is another manga where I started watching the anime first before picking up the book. Also, Wren kept saying it was really good and hinting at all the things to come in the anime.

Let’s just say this now: the anime is slow AF. Takes forever and a day to get to any real movement. The manga doesn’t belabor scenes. It moves along, gets to whatever point its trying to make in each chapter and moves on with the story. I’m not sure about the decisions made by the animation team and director, but it adds a lot that isn’t in the manga. It’s not bad. I guess you could see it as the team rounding out the story and plugging in plot holes quickly. Their method has also helped expand Rudi’s character development, though in the anime, he does come off as a relatively lewd character. The manga has moments of lewedness, but they might be a single image panel here and there rather than the awkward 5-20 second scene takes.

The art is decent. I wouldn’t call it dynamic or revolutionary to the medium. It’s not poorly executed. Average. I’d call it average for what you would expect from a decent publishing house. Screen toning is not egregious. Line weight is varied.

This is an odd side note that has nothing to do with the story, but because the illustrator made part of Paul’s (Rudi’s father) shirt white, and it’s not screen toned, the guy looks like he’s wearing fetish gear quite a bit. It’s interesting to me in considering how one would go about rendering certain colors and clothing choices because of the medium and perception of the reader.

That, and Ghyslaine’s (the beast woman) clothing, or lack there of. Is there a point to drawing these types of garments? No, no, really? How much sticky tape does she need to have to wear that? My calculation when it comes to anime characters is “how feasible will this costume be for someone to cosplay with.” This is not one of those costumes I can see being done easily. Not a pit on the character herself, just one of those things I tend to notice about clothing choices and characters in manga.

The story line is better in the manga. The character development is better in the anime. So, if you want to get the story, read it. If you want to see personal development and introspection, watch the show.

Would I suggest giving this a read? Sure. It’s cute. It cuts from the major script that SAO, Konosuba, Arefueta, and a lot of the other OP isekai incarnates have set up. The character has power, but they start from the ground up. The author builds the world along with the character, bringing out some touchy topics in small doses, like bullying, avoidance, anxiety, without making it into a dark fantasy.

If you aren’t in for fanservice, then this might rub a bit wrong here and there. One of those “is this completely necessary to the script?” situations. Some lewdness at least explains the virgin NEET mindset of the reincarnated person. At the same time, said NEET has been given a second chance and more years. Doesn’t learning come with years and age? I would think some of the characteristics of the MC would polish out after a bit just due to the number of years he has in his new environment.

Anyways. Good anime, good manga. Has a few flaws that are not necessarily flaws, but design choices marketed for a specific audience. So, this particular story tastes better with a pinch of salt.

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