Video Game Review Tuesday: Stardew Valley (Switch)

Alright. I’m a cheapskate. I’ve been wanting to play Animal Crossing on the Switch since it released last summer. However, dannnnnng it’s expensive, still. I was hoping the price point would go down.

So, a couple weeks back, I got into a conversation with someone on Twitter and talked about this game Stardew Valley with them. They suggested I might like it because it had a bit more depth than Animal Crossing, and cost a whole lot less.

For $15, I picked it up, rather than fork over $60 for AC.

I’m honestly rather enjoying this. Wren gave it a whirl and found it boring. He liked The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while I found that game (the 20 minutes I played on it) intense. So, there’s a difference in who might find this game enjoyable.

There are tasks to work on. Clearing and cleaning up the gardening space, but also interacting with npcs and doing side quests like taking care of the community center. It’s a bit of that mindless type of grinding that I do enjoy finding on mobile games every once in a while like Lily’s House or those other games. This one though doesn’t involve Candy Crush style puzzles to plant the garden. You just get to plant the garden.

Hence, why I mentioned the difference in appreciation for the game between Wren and myself. If you don’t like task grinding, but prefer more action grinding for xp, Bravely Default and BOTW would be more up your alley, most likely.

The graphics, for playing it on a Switch, surprised me. I had seen a couple pictures of the game before making my purchase, but for some reason, I thought visually it would look like Link’s Awakening and not ‘old school’. I’m not against it, just not what I expected for something with a screen capable of rendering better detail. With that type of knowledge, it was either a budget choice or a stylistic choice. Either way, I can’t complain. I haven’t spent a lot of time in 16bit worlds and this might make going into doing reviews on Gameboy games less…jarring?

The colors are decent. The materials are distinct enough you can distinguish them on the control bar. If you can get ahead on the storage pack and a few resource areas early in the game, you’ll guarantee you’ve got coin for seeds for a nice long while. It’s really supposed to be a relaxation game and not an endless dungeon crawl. So, if you’re looking for that kind of mood and don’t want to drop more than $20 on a game, I’d say this might fit the bill.

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