Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Chunqing Yatou Huolala

Oooohkaaayy. No. I have no clue why I’m running with this one, other than the fact it sounded like it was Chinese rather than Japanese. I want to make sure I’m actually reading a diverse swath of materials.

The other reason is I’m super in love with colored in comics. I love Korean Manhwa and I have not read much in the way of Chinese Manhua. It’s not that easy to find it.

So. Here I am, test driving the first Manhua romance I could get my hands on.

Can I just…the art? I want to go cry, and not in a good way. The woman is rendered painfully. The guy’s great in a couple panels but super disproportionate in others. Just…ow, no. I’m taking a few deep breaths and hoping my brain just snaps to this art style.

Three pages in and…

Where’s a good throbbing red angry symbol gif when I need it. Like ticked off angry.

Trigger warning for assault.

This whole comic needs to come with some serious trigger warnings.

  • A – she’s drunk because her ex-boyfriend is a playboy and she’s trying to “get revenge on him” by sleeping around with a male escort
  • B – he calls her underage
  • C – he has her forcibly taken to his private suite and instigates actions that should not be done.
  • D – don’t freaking rip people’s clothing!

He didn’t get further than scaring her in the first section, but dang it, I’m pissed off at this comic. I thought Hare-kon made me mad.

Grinding of bones, nashing of teeth. This whole comic is full of psych abuse, physical abuse, just…what is the author trying to even say with this mess? Everyone has a completely broken personality and major relationship issues. Is this? Is this a thing people enjoy reading? Like…no, really? Am I missing something?

Look, I get it, relationships can be difficult in some ways. Sometimes I might disagree with Wren about a certain aspect of running the house, but we sit down and talk it through. I respect him, he respects me. We don’t depend on alcohol to do the talking. Are we just weird? Cause…I think my concept of romance might be broken if so many of these comics consist of this whole distressing trope set up. And I don’t want to fix it to whatever this dysfunctional thing is. *Waves hand at manhua*.

I guess that’s part of why I write romance, because I tend to be extremely dissatisfied with how romance is currently written. I want relationships to build up. For both the MC and LI to have equal balance in the relationship. That they both develop together and independent of each other.

Someone once told me that when both parties are able to fully live independent of the other safely, but instead decide to be together, that they truly want each other’s company. The relationship is not a dependence on a hero, but an equal friendship. I prefer that concept.

This one. It starts out rough. The coloring is okay, but the linework and the style are…painful…at best. I’ve read other comics with worse style, but the story made it a part of the experience, not another strike against it. It’s just…bad.

All the way around.

It hit each of my strikes for a DNF right out of the gate.

So, here’s where I go: I am most likely not the target market, if I have come to the DNF conclusion. At the same time, I hope that this type of mysogynistic abusive ‘romance’ storyline doesn’t have a target market after a time.

People read romance for some of the flash. At the same time, there are people who use the romance genre to learn how these romantic relationships work. Maybe they didn’t have a lot of explanation on the birds and the bees. Or their family just weren’t great role models for what loving relationships look like. Authors have some responsibility in recognizing that, even if “they write for themselves” and then release the book, they may be the first point of access to some people when it comes to their introduction to romantic relationships.

I’m preaching. So, I’ll get off my soap box. I leave it to you if you want to seek out this manhua to read. I’m…I’m out. I can’t condone this type of relationship development. The bridge burned in the first chapter.

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