Mobile Game Review: Nobodies

nobodies mobile murder mystery game

Nobodies is a mobile puzzle game with a dark spin. I mean, what was I expecting with that type of art for the intro?

I got into the game and for some reason was expecting an otome light novel game. Nope. Wrong. This one was different. It has a story element to it, but you’re not wooing characters. This one, you’re hiding bodies.

Sounds simple, right? Took me a hot minute to figure out the controls, but once I got that under my belt, it was a matter of determining what order a scene had to take place in so that the crime could be committed and I could move on to the next part of the game.

Do I like it? I mean, it’s an interesting concept, but some of the elements feel railroaded in. It’s a puzzle game, but for the most part, when you deal with the concept of a murder mystery, where you have to hide the body, you want to have that sense of inventiveness, where you can decide how you would hide a body.

This feels like a bizarre conversation to be having.

Anyways, as I was say.

The problem for this is in the aspect that it is a logic puzzle where you have to work with the specific elements provided and now your own inventiveness. So, there’s your heads up if you have some particularities to that.

Otherwise, the graphics are good, the bits of story line are fleshed out enough to get the point across. You don’t have to dedicate a ton of mental space to playing hours of it. Its what falls into casual game territory, but due to the nature of the game’s topic, it feels less casual and more maniacally stealthy.

It isn’t still on my phone if you’re wondering. It was an okay play through for the couple rounds I tested, just not my type of game. I know of a few people who probably would play this all the way through to the end. Give it a whirl if you like logic-puzzle type games and want something a bit dark and gritty. I could really see this as something fun to play right around Halloween.

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