Anime Cinema Friday: Silver Spoon

I’ve watched it.

At least four times over the years since its release.

And I love every second of it.

Alright review done.

You’re still here? You want more? No. No, I mean, it’s good, go watch it.

Okay, fine, I hear you in the back, stop yelling.

City boy, meet country school. Country school, keep city boy from getting killed by large domesticated livestock. I live in the middle of ag country. I keep chickens, ducks, and geese, some of my family keeps cattle, horses, donkeys, goats. Some of them came from pig farmers. So, having at least one solidly relatable anime is really nice.

At the same time, the concept of the school in Gin no Saji is fascinating. It introduces the aspects of commercial farming, what dealing with large school chicken egg operations are, or greenhouses. Facing the fact that the animals are turned into meat. The joy in the end of the day of taking part in the food you raised. The feelings of struggle and accoplishment without need for a central villain. This is one of those man vs. environment situations and the aspect of humans going into it willingly.

The opening and closing music is catchy as all get out. The animation is clean with good linework and decent timing for reduction to chibi humor from detailed world. Due to the slice of life nature, the storyline is not complex in and of itself. It looks instead at the subtleties of what the agricultural industry faces in Japan. How farms can go under if there aren’t enough people helping. How people deal with the emotions of raising animals for feed. What the toll is for people waking up at four in the morning every day and going to bed well past dark. That struggle, and that people are willing to do it.

The ag industry catches a lot of flack for “unintelligent people”. They may not know how to create a vaccine, but they tend to be able to reconstruct their own machines, need to be their own vets within reason, be their own weathermen, soil analysts, botanist, herd guards, and innovators.

I want to call it a non-revolutionary anime, purely on the fact that it is a school slice-of-life. However, I have yet to encounter an anime that delves so deep into the world of the agricultural industry. In that way, the story is different from most.

Its not magic, or fantasy. There is no sci-fi. It shows you the struggle, and it shows you the reward.

It’s a good one to relax to, find out interesting tidbits of information, and in general, get to know the characters at an even pace.

I love it.

And I wish they had brought out more swag, ’cause I really want a figurine of the MC.

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