Video Game Review Tuesday: Scrabble (3DS)


I’ve made worse decisions in life. For the amount I paid for the cartridge, I’ve had worse food in my life. I picked this one up used for about $7 and gave it a run through.

I liked playing Scrabble as a kid. I could appreciate the automation of the number tracker for a video game. Also, I don’t really have anyone that wants to play the board game with me right now. I picked up the National Parks Scrabble Game at the beginning of the pandemic, only to discover no one in my house likes it, so it’s just staring at me now. Grant it, the box art is super pretty. So, I’m not finding too much of a problem with it.

This video game though…okay, first off, you have to hold the console sideways. That is freaking awkward. I get it. I understand why the game is set up that way, but…no? Just no? Could we have not?

The play method isn’t bad, but for some reason, it just doesn’t quite feel correct. Maybe it’s the aspect of playing against the machine and not someone else. I had hopes this would resolve my Scrabble desires. I was delusional.

I don’t know how to define what is wrong with it. The tiles and the play work. But that’s all it does. It isn’t gratifying and honestly, I played maybe four games on it, set it away, and now it’s gathering dust until I can get a chance to trade it in.

If you have the capacity to enjoy computerized board games, this will probably solve your scrabble needs. I prefer gaming against another human with these types of games. I wouldn’t have known that had I not picked up this game. I’d rather play it on a physical board where I can hold a conversation with someone while I’m contemplating tiles though.

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