Lovestory Manga Wednesday: Black Bird

I’m over here with the cover staring at me silently telling myself “please be good, please be good, please be good.”

I love yokai and ayakashi stories. Opening it to the first panel and the female MC’s staring at a tengu on her desk and I’m just over here with a hand on my heart going, yes, speak to me. Please be like Kamisama Hajimemashite. I’m going to be super bitter and vengeful if you aren’t.


Oh, this is a prince charming story. Thank you. Thank you publishing gods for not giving me another mysoginistic guy jumps girl in an assault type way as the intro where the guy doing the assaulting is the freaking love interest. At least he claims her as his bride and not just “as his”. I’m not partial to the relegation of the love interest being an acquisition object.

Alright, a bit of personal space invasion, but…you know what, I’m good with how it’s setting up. I’m also a sucker for neck sucking, give me a break.

Nevermind. Teacher-pupil power dynamic and I got a cold shiver. The male MC was supposed to be a “couple years” older than the female MC. I wasn’t expecting them to go with him being a teacher to get close to her. I guess he couldn’t just enroll as a transfer student into her class with even a “small” age gap. But is there enough of a gap to warrant him having gotten his teaching license? I know in these stories the characters can just procure a license to get their way on things, but logistically speaking…

Some of the panel stacks make it difficult to follow the speech bubbles and the line of thought, but it’s not prevalent. The art style itself is consistent across the manga. Every once in a while I’ll run across one where it feels like there’s more than one artist in charge of drawing characters and the style gets a bit out of balance. This one is decent.

The built in drama of making the world dangerous for the woman and she ends up running to the prince charming for protection is…static? It’s been done. It’s nothing new. It’s not done poorly. It’s also not revolutionary. It’s a relatively decent manga, but it doesn’t make it into my “you must read this” list if someone asks for a list. It’s just not bad enough to make it into my “please don’t read this, it will scar you for life” list either.

As seems to be typical in the “the woman is cursed to be fated to be eaten by evil creatures unless she marries this one person” – the guy she’s fated to marry is possessive, jealous, controlling and there’s a bit of gaslighting if you want to know some of the relationship issues I’m spotting in this story are.

It’s neutral. I’m neutral about this one. That’s not a bad place to be after the last couple manga romances I’ve read. I’m not sold on the fact that they have no emotional development for a healthy relationship, he has some serious control issues, and she’s way to freaking young emotionally to get it. It is a problematic relationship covered chocolate, dusted with gold flecks. Looks pretty, tastes okay, leaves you with a bad stomach ache after.

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