Mobile Game Review: Lanota

boy and girl standing in front of sunrise and rocks with Lanota banner title.

I do not have much experience when it comes to rhythm games. I was introduced to them in Dance Dance Revolution on PS2 way back in the day. I’m aware that things have changed drastically since then. Guitar Hero and a wide variety of other music games have come and gone on several consoles. I had heard of this one in passing one day and thought it might be an interesting try. Could it be anything other than just a bunch of button mashing and tapping?

Well. It is a bunch of mash tapping, but with rhythm. It is that type of game after all. The method of having the notes come out in a varying circle rather than as a drop down line like Guitar Hero or DDR is a nice difference, and not one I expected. I didn’t look into a lot of images or anything when I loaded the app to my phone. I sort of went, meh, let’s see what this is. Yay for blaise fair attitudes, am I right?

There is some story line to this, but it’s not excessive. The balance leans heavily to the rhythm game, rather than the text. That’s not a bad thing. Not all video games need to be a visual novel. It’s also not Candy Crush where the only feedback you get is level progressions. I’m trying to put my finger on it, and the best I can say is, the scale tips towards the game play without catering solely to the game.

The colors are vibrant. The part that I’m bad at rhythm games becomes obvious after a bit. I have some seizure issues from having had an AVM in my brain (surgery fixed the AVM, but I have lingering seizures) and can only play a couple rounds in the game before I start getting that itchy warning feeling in my scalp. I’m not sure if it is the musical beat, the light flickers when you tap on the notes, or me trying to keep up with the notes, but something makes me a bit nervous about playing the game. Maybe with a bit of work and mindfulness on how and when I play it, the sensations will dissipate over time.

I can fine tune some of the settings to reduce some of these possible triggers. That is a nice feature from the game developers. If you have visual/auditory issues with regard to consistent flickering or beats, approach this one knowing you may or may not be able to adjust it to suit your needs.

The graphics are cute. I can see this fitting for a wide audience. It may be playable without audio, though I do think it helps. So, if you’re on public transport or somewhere, you’ll need a set of headphones so as not to disturb the people around you.

The mobile game does contain in-app purchases and advertisements, if that’s something that is off putting to you.

I also see that it has a Switch game version if you want it on a different platform. I could see this playing pretty cleanly on a Switch to be honest.

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