Anime Cinema Friday: Alice to Zouroku

I have to hem and haw about this one. I really do.

The storyline itself sounds intriguing. The set up on intro is structured to draw in the watcher and make them want to know more about the MC and the other girls’ superpowers.


It has triggered my irritation card something fierce.

I want to like this. I really do. The idea of the protective grandpa figure and everything. The dresses and the flower shop. Way overpowered psychic girls.

Back to that HOWEVER.

Can we. Here, no come closer. Can we, just between you and me. Can we, like, maybe not have BS cgi animation in our anime? I love Land of the Lustrous because they did the whole thing in cgi and you got used to the animation style. Bombing a good anime with bad graphics should be condemned at the highest level though. Like Zombie Land Saga. The thing is good up until the dance sequences that are boarding in that uncanny valley territory that makes you cringe.

Please. Just. Don’t use trash cgi. It completely destroys the immersion.

I’ve watched Alice to Zouroku once before. It was good when I watched way back when it was just coming out. Watching it a second time though…No. Nope. Unforgiveable. I can’t even care about the storyline when a wrecking ball comes crashing through the scene and the shading on it is so crap it reminds me of watching Blues Clues from 2000. By all means, please don’t allow production to be treated like a mash up between a brilliant illustration team and a Blender intern two months into learning the software. This could have been done well without the bad graphics. Honest. Look at Blood Blockade, or Dorohedoro, or any other tripped out universe anime. If you’re gonna go with cgi, for the love of all that is holy, do it like Violet Evergarden or Black Clover. Those are understandable for why they produced them the way they did.

This one. Did they run out of time? Funding? Were they trying to be experimental in showing when something out of the ordinary was happening?

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