Manga Cafe Monday: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Angry MC. Relatable angry MC. If you ever got bullied in school and could not for the life of you understand why you were being set up as the fall guy, this is that feeling all over. Maybe my school years were a bit messed up. Man, do I ever relate to the mood in this manga. I watched the anime when it was coming out and went and read this shortly after. A second read and it’s still just hitting every one of those justified angst feels I’ve got roaming around in my head.

It gets into dark psychology with an action/adventure flare. The aspects of being thrown into a situation you don’t understand, no one will explain, and then get blamed for everything. Builds up walls. Builds up distrust and wariness.

It begs the question of what the MC can do in the situations he faces. It digs into the reasons he does things that otherwise he might have never considered doing – buying Raftallia, contracting her when she had her freedom forcibly placed on her, saving the people who tortured him. It touches into my motto I love using in my own writing “make a bargain with the devil that lets you sleep at night.”

Art wise? Falls into my understood average. What I’ve come to expect of manga from the 20-tens and for action/adventure manga. Standard fare, nothing revolutionary, nothing atrocious.

This is one of those moments where the MC was designed to be an OP character, but he slides up against almost being a villain character. That’s what I mean by dark psychology. He doesn’t fall into the abyss. I’ve seen a couple anime that go way over that line and I just can’t stomach those characters. This guy, he’s willing to use underhanded methods rather take the straight and narrow because fighting fair will outright get him killed.

Suggest it? Oh hellll yeah. Love this series. Also – giant fluffy chicken-bird that pulls wagons.

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