Mobile Game Review: Kiss of Darkness

Kiss of Darkness otome game banner. Three men.

Alright, people let’s try this again from the top.

Not sure how far I’m going to be able to get on this one, but I at least gave it a shot. After reading a few more reviews, I approached this Genius game differently than Mall of the Dead. Genius is the production company, so it’s within that same otome formula. This time we’re dealing with homicide detectives and incubi. Honestly, Kiss of Darkness, I thought this was going to be a vampire game. People tend to forget about incubus as a different life force sucker.

So, the problem I had with Mall of the Dead was gaining rubies to run the story. I couldn’t seem to get points and they wanted points for so much premium content. This time around, I tried to avoid using points on the initial prompt. It’s not only rubies you have to deal with, but also tickets. Tickets are what get you chapters, rubies get you interactions. You have to deal with a 5 hour timer on gaining points. Last time around, I never got my points distributed, so I ditched the game pretty quickly in the first chapter. Using my new method, I’ve at least made it to chapter two without spending points, but I have had to use up my tickets.

I ended up down the Harry arc somehow. Not entirely sure, but it was proving to be an okay set up. Also, he didn’t looking like a beat cop or a Harujuku goth. Okay, he did look like a host club butler, but it is what it is.

There is an interesting obsession with giving fantasy characters red, orange, and purple eyes. One of those screaming: ‘hey look I’m different and mysterious and definitely not a part of your world’ situations.

Tropes. Hello tropes. I mean, what do you expect? It’s a dating-sim/rom-sim otome game. The whole thing is going to be packed with tropes. The eating off of the willing sacrifice bit. I’m one to talk. I put that trope into The Fire in My Blood, so I can’t judge to hard. It is an interesting one that gets brought up in fantasy a lot though. One of those, as long as the other person is nice, giving up a bit of blood is no big deal. I mean, people donate to the Red Cross and stuff all the time, and we can rebuild our blood supply, so for some people that concept probably isn’t problematic.

I ran out of tickets for chapters in the second chapter sadly. There appears to be a countdown timer that goes nowhere, and I’m not dropping coin on this game. At least this one doesn’t have the weird jerky-motion zombies like the last one.

If you have money to burn through, I guess you might enjoy the game. For those of us who aren’t loaded on a trust fund, this one is another of those frustrating types of games where there isn’t enough give built in to make me want to spend money on it, if that makes sense.

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