Manga Cafe Monday: Spy x Family

This is a “do not binge” manga.

What I mean by that, is that the story is good, episodically. I loved the first five chapters immensely, but ended up rather dissatisfied by chapter thirty when the progression of the story wasn’t fast enough for my taste.

Think Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with a James Bond undertone set in a variation of the Eastern Block vs. Western Block cold war period. Tack in a kid and a dog, and hilariousness ensues.

The pacing on the gags and punchlines are good. I’m just not someone who can take too much of that all at once. So, maybe you’d be able to get through the thing all at once. I burned out around chapter twenty, but pushed for another ten, hoping for resolution on the primary objective.

Maybe I was irrirated that the child in it is dealing with feeling like she has these amazing abilities she really can’t utilize to the best of her ability. Nobody understands each other, which can also get under my skin after a while. I have a preference for truthful characters, even when they are evil monologers.

The art is just a little odd, not bad, just different from your standard manga studio. I think it makes it rather endearing for the subject matter. I like the clothing choices in this and the adherence to the late 50s-60s feel of the characters.

Suggest it?

Yes. I don’t think I have any qualms or qualifying cautions, unless you aren’t into blood. The woman in it is an assassin, so, she gets kind of stabby in some scenes. For the first 30 chapters I read, there isn’t anything risque or ‘mature’ in that style of mature that I talk about in my Love Story Manga Wednesday posts.

It’s a decent neutral story in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it that I could find, other than it didn’t keep my interest after a while. Hence, why I think this one is better read episodically, as it releases, rather than as one massive binge fest.

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