Video Game Review Tuesday: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch)

It’s cute. It’s really cute. And easily marketable for plush toys because everything is chibi rendered.

This one I watched Wren play. I got bored with it after an hour of play and turned it over to him so I could watch the story line. The reason for the boredom is just the early grinding aspect and the back and forth of opening up the map. Once Wren got into some dungeons, I could see where the puzzle aspect of the game could be intriguing to players.

When Wren got the whole map opened up, I figured the game was done, which I was a bit bitter about paying a stupid sum of money for a game that only took a few hours to work through. AND THEN the game made it so you could open up additional aspects and I had a complete moment.

I didn’t grow up on Link games, so apparently this is pretty normal territory for both Link games and for most dungeon games. It’s easier on the game designers and programmers to have a static map and put in unlockable elements. I felt a better about the game after that. Also, the difficulty rose with the puzzles and the baddies.

Is it Breath of the Wild? No. Not even close. Am I back to playing Stardew Valley today? Yes… Shush, I like the game and it has more to do in it. Do I wish Stardew Valley looked like Link’s Awakening for the Switch. Yes, please and thank you, where’s my copy, I will pay you, give it.

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