Mobile Game Review: Electronic Emotion

I really should stop running into genius games. They are just a recipe for disappointment at this point, but the advertisement graphics are so pretty and the reviews show that people do enjoy the story lines immensely.

I am, for lack of a better word, a cheap skate. If I can play something for free, I will play it until I can evaluate if I am willing to pay money to it or if it is going to disappoint after the first chapter.

Okay, so I’ve done a bit of their zombie game and their incubus game. Those were stylisitically okay in presentation format. I will still swear up and down that I prefer The Arcana over all of these still. This one being no acception.

This is a me issue, but I hate that I can’t choose my gender in genius games. They just all immediately assign the user as female. True, you can “name” yourself with a male/non-binary name, but pronoun usage in conversation is still she. Arcana did an awesome job switching pronoun usage if you switched your preferred pronoun in the settings. Having that as my first exposure to the otome gaming system probably was actually not advisable, because now all the rest of the dating sim games kind of are ticking me off that I don’t get that option.

Again, not necessarily the fault of the company, just a preference thing right now.

Back on top with the review for this one. Standard rules apply, recharge rates are terrible with gaining enough points to continue playing the game without forking over a ton of money for premium interactions.

Structure wise, I couldn’t get into this one though. It was more sketchy then the others. The three “love interests” are some type of an AI system, which, yeah, sure, that’s fine, could be interesting. The female MC doesn’t get the full explanation before being told by her boss that she needs to pack her bag and head to a random location late in an evening so she can start on a long haul project for work. Red flag. Red flag. Red flag. All the red flags that most women are taught to be really safety skeptical about. Anyways she does as she’s told for the sake of the storyline to end up at a house, not a research facility. She is invited in and is mobbed by a set of three men who DON’T understand boundaries. There’s a lot of grabbing. A lot of stopping her from leaving. A lot of dismissive behaviors. All of which are washed over as the story unfolds to explain that these men are more robot then real.

…I noped out of this one pretty darn hard after her second time telling them directly that she would be leaving, her getting up, and one of them grabbing her. That was just a big ball of nope for me.

Maybe there’s something in there for some readers where the idea of the “perfect” lover is wrapped into: “well, if they were a robot, I’d be able to program them to love me perfectly.” I can’t get past the blatant disregard for boundaries and consent. This is coercion by a boss who didn’t explain fully what was going on, there by breaking the trust of his employee, and putting her in a dangerous situation, at least at a mental level, all under the disguise of “love-bot”.

The other two were static in so far as – damsel in distress (aka zombies) and I accept you for who you are (aka I’ll give you my life force to keep you healthy incubus). This one…nope. Not for me.

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