Book Review: The Shield Road | The Thief

Hello, we’re back with another The Shield Road review. This time, let’s talk about The Thief.

This one took a little bit to get straightened out in my head. I needed to reread the first couple paragraphs of Burse and Rafi to straighten out who was who. It’s rather fascinating when you realize you’re conditioned to read certain sounds in names to represent a masculine or feminine individual. For a bit I had Burse as the guy in the situation. So, heads up if you’re predisposed to y or ie endings in names that some people don’t obey the same notion.

The nature of the story comes off as a cross over between Assassin’s creed and I’m thinking the second episode of Castlevania this time around. With a dash of cursed object possession. The concept is rounded out enough. However, some of the sentence structure can be glanced over. Might have needed a bit of tightening.

It’s one of the longer stories in the book so far. There’s enough world building to give you a sense of place. It elicits a feeling of unease as the arc builds. Maybe not a character development situation per say, but it does give you that cold nervousness.

The cut scenes are a bit stark and reflecting back on nightmares in repetition could work well for a long form story.

Overall, probably another build up story. Hmmm. Curious now if all of the stories are based in the grey winter framing.

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